MIGUEL VIEIRA brings Rock’N’Roll for Menswear Fall/Winter 2018 at Milan Fashion Week

As humans we are, naturally, travelers. Discovering new places and cultures. For this trip, Rock & Roll is the chosen soundtrack.

”Rock & Roll is more than music. It’s a lifestyle.” said Miguel Vieira about his Menswear Fall-Winter 2018 Collection during Milan Fashion Week.


Is all about language and cultural movement that reflects itself in fashion and creates timeless icons. In this collection, which celebrates the adventurous spirit, Miguel Vieira Man and Rock & Roll are binomial that symbolizes style and irreverence, tradition and freedom.


Sim and classic silhouettes alternate with bulky shapes and overlapping pieces were accessorized with shirt bosoms, studded boots, waist bags, backpacks and handbags. Caviar black, navy blue, olive green and details of gold is the color palette used for this collection.