ATELIER ABOUT propose a view of different characters of our era, taken from the Berlin streets for Fall/Winter 2018

“Unsere Straße” literally ”Our Streets” is a term to describe various alternative cultures and lifestyles which either consider themselves different from the mainstream of society and culture itself. There is a history of resistance movements under harsh regimes where the term underground was employed to refer to the necessary secrecy of the resisters.


“The mainstream comes to you, but you have to go to the underground.”


Nowadays the street realism is affecting the arts, the term underground typically means artists who are not corporately sponsored and generally do not want to be.

The paradox is that today is completely the opposite.


We lost the meaning of street art when it started to became business driven, instead of a different way to remark a sing of protest into the soul of the city being accessible by everyone.


With the advent of the internet, many experts argue that there is no underground since so much art and so many political ideas, especially music, are farther easier to locate. It provides artists and activists a mean to promote their work and ideas without large, established corporate interests. Even the concept of obscurity is questionable, given 21st-Century access to information about past or current artistic trends.

But that’s not all we see and has changed in our streets, lifestyle that became normal as a need or a refuse of the way society is driving our lives.


The nomad homeless who is living day by day for need or for choice its a reflection point we should all consider.

There a new movement taking the main concept of not having anything with serious attempt at resettling long-term rough sleepers as their entire life. Remake, Relive, Reinterpret. With emphasis and the importance of understanding how people’s biographies influence their experience of homelessness.

ATELIER ABOUT propose a view of different characters of our era, taken from the Berlin streets when the clash between all these different subcultures is creating a beautiful mashup.

#33magazine #TheNewUnderground



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