There were 55 designers, 51 shows, 7 presentations, 7 special projects, 2 lecture platforms in 5 days, illustrating the super power of Ukrainian Fashion.

Ukrainian Fashion Week is the place where Ukrainian becomes global. They are making the next step in the development of the Ukrainian fashion industry and they consider it as an important component of world culture and economy, according to Iryna Danilevska, co-founder and head of the Ukrainian Fashion Week Organizing Committee.

#Global Ukraine

One of the main missions of the Ukrainian Fashion Week is to present talented Ukrainians to the world. Ukrainian Fashion Week continues to develop real and fruitful cooperation with the international professional community to create new opportunities for designers and to promote Ukrainian fashion labels in the world.

Every season, the UFW Organizing Committee invites journalists and photographers from leading world editions, stylists and buyers to Kyiv. Ukrainian Fashion Week holds international business programs for Ukrainian designers with foreign mentors and involves designers to the state program of export development. Within the framework of the Ukrainian Fashion Week partnership with the DHL logistics company and the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine during the Fashion Week, a round table was held. The Mystetskyi Arsenal hosted the first part of the Fashion DNA digital project, supported by British Council Ukraine.


Ukrainian Fashion Week presented a new format of the showroom in Mystetskyi Arsenal representing 14 brands of clothing, footwear and accessories: ALXNDR LEN / RYBALKO, CIRCUL, FEENCHES, GRIE, HONCHARENKO, IRARO, LONA PRIST, MARSALA, THE MONOCHROME, MARSALA, NIT.KA. SNESHANA NEKH, UK DESIGN, WHITE DOG.

The concept of the space was embodied in the industrial style with the furniture of the Ukrainian manufacturer MON-BON, the designer’s furniture of the studio Solmaz Primavera and Igor Musienko’s contemporary art painting.


For the second time the Epson Digital Fashion Contest was held in Ukraine by Epson and Ukrainian Fashion Week. The contest is international and aimed at fashion designers who want to create their own prints. During the competition, Epson opened up a wide range of printing opportunities on fabrics.

The winners were awarded with valuable prizes and got an opportunity to create their own collection of fabrics printed on Epson widescreen printers.

#Fashion Tech Ukraine

Fashion Tech is one of the most promising way of fashion development.

Ukrainian Fashion Week and the public initiative of Kyiv Smart City launched the Fashion Tech Ukraine platform dedicated to innovative technologies in the fashion world in 2017. During the Ukrainian Fashion Week the special demo zones in Fashion Tech Ukraine Space presented new technological opportunities in the fashion industry. Fashion Tech Ukraine platform discussed the issues of sustainable fashion consumption and ways to solve the problems of fast fashion, with the help of innovative technological solutions.

This season, within the framework of the Fashion Tech Ukraine project, a free lecture program was launched. Ukrainian Fashion Week and Kyiv Smart City are open to cooperation with fashiontech-projects that will act as “agents of change” – not only realizing real transformations in the market, but also forming social capital.


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