For the upcoming Autumn/Winter, in a retrospective look at several decades of personal memories and influences, Alexandra Moura’s collection reveals the history of the designer from childhood to her teenage years.

Regarding print development, the collection is based on the following 3 key concepts:

Primarily, inspiration is drawn from movies like Blade Runner, E.T. and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and also from the melancholy and poetry of British rock bands’ spirit such as Jesus and Mary Chain, The Smiths or My Bloody Valentine

Moreover, Primal Scream’s psychedelic graphics and Tupac Shakur’s ambitious philosophy, that raised a critical reflection of the society, were also a big influence in the creation of prints.

On a third level of development, childhood photographs from the environment and ambience where the designer was born are incorporated as references.

The fabrics used are delicate tulle, lycra and satin printed, jacquard, cotton and wool, reinforcing a bridge between classic and contemporary.

The use of tartan in this collection, reveals an intimate connexion between the designer and her godfather, former Portuguese ambassador in Dublin, and the gifts he brought from abroad.

In addition, the photographic work from Bobby Neel Adams, where the past and the present coexist together as a collage, works as a reference for pattern making and details, influencing the asymmetry and the relation between oversized/fitted pieces.

Finally, inspired by last seasons’ success, AM reintroduced trench-coats and oversized dresses and teamed up, for the third time, with Portuguese brand Duffy by developing puffer jackets and accessories.

ALEXANDRA MOURA is exclusively made in Portugal.

Photography Credits: Maria Rita Photography

Alexandra Moura AW18 - 002Alexandra Moura AW18 - 003Alexandra Moura AW18 - 004Alexandra Moura AW18 - 017Alexandra Moura AW18 - 024Alexandra Moura AW18 - 034Alexandra Moura AW18 - 035Alexandra Moura AW18 - 039Alexandra Moura AW18 - 048Alexandra Moura AW18 - 042

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