FASHION SCOUT – Ones To Watch SS19 at London Fashion Week

FASHION SCOUT presents the three winners of The Ones To Watch Award for London Fashion Week SS19; Aucarre, Nous Etudions and Price on Request.

Selected from a long list of emerging designers, the Ones To Watch winners receive the opportunity to showcase during London Fashion Week. Fashion Scout’s Ones To Watch provides a unique platform for the brightest new designers, with many going on to become established labels in the international fashion industry.

The judging panel consisting of industry experts including: Martyn Roberts – Fashion Scout’s Founder and Director, Hattie Crisell – Freelance Fashion Editor ( Previously The Times ), Ida Peterson – Womenswear Buying Director at Browns and Fashion Stylist and show producer Joe Toronka, gathered to make the decision at a highly attended selection panel in April 2018.



Based in Zagreb, Croatia, Price on Request is an award winning multi gender brand. Independent and aware of today’s want and needs, they create clothes that speak to courageous and bold individuals with a strong sense of self. Established in 2016 by designer Gala Marija Vrbanic who has an MA in visual communications at Zagreb’s School of Design.

Gala has won multiple international competitions both in fields of fashioned graphic design, being the winners of the 2017 ELLE Style Award Croatia and the Fashion Scout South East Europe 2018 Award. Price on Request is gaining acknowledgment for their work all across Europe. The brand cuts a clean oversized silhouette with multilayers and reflective elements.

Gala takes inspiration for this collection from her mother’s 30 year old Croatian brand Xenia Design. Carefully trawling though the archives of her mother’s collections, Gala selected and reinvented old items with a goal to create garments that could correlate and appeal to today’s society. The SS19 collection is completely recycled ad environmentally friendly, as Price on Request want to do their best to stop pollution and save the world.

Each original garment is altered in a series of phases. In the first phase, Gala changes the intention of the piece by turning it into a garment with a different function. The second phase changes the silhouette. Then lastly, the third phase works on decoration with embellishment and print. The main objective for Price on Request is to improve functionality of garments, giving every piece a story and a journey.

Ones_To_Watch_72dpi_021OTW Backstage Day THREE Photo by Rory James-34OTW Backstage Day THREE Photo by Rory James-35OTW Backstage Day THREE Photo by Rory James-33OTW Backstage Day THREE Photo by Rory James-36OTW Backstage Day THREE Photo by Rory James-36(1)


AuCarre is a brand which emphasizes feminine power by elevating and giving voice to all women. As new designers they are very much intrigued by making our own stories and creating contemporary characters using pioneering fabrication, contemporary aesthetic and luxury style elements. Founded by the twin designers with Greek origins, Eirini and Dimitra who both after graduating with a a BSc in Bimolecular and Genetic Science, moved to London to study Fashion and Arts at Central Saint Martins in BA Fashion Design with Print and Knitwear.

During their journey to launching their own label, the sisters assisted designers at international labels including Gucci, Chanel and Mary Katrantzou.

Their strong interest in hand drawn original print and knit, are a strong characteristic of the brand. Bold silhouettes, romanticism, as well as atmospheric designs are what describe their creations. The designers’ work aims to celebrate luxury, combined with elements of contemporary style, techno-style fabrics, 3D knits, combination with detailed hand-drawn digital prints. AuCarre’s pieces serve the need of personalization trough storytelling, which hinge on several artists and art movements and craft details.

The SS19 collection is inspired by FEMININE SURREALISM. In a dreamy ”super-real” world the new image of the woman is portrayed, stimulated by her everyday silhouette giving a new rejuvenating and refreshing aspect to her alter-ego. In this surrealistic world the feminine unconscious expresses itself and appears in a fearless, dynamic, strong and powerful way. Strange silhouettes and illogical scenes merged with the sporty and youthful essence to create a new upgraded look leading her to ‘run the world’. Feminine and bold silhouettes reveal hand drawn motives, illusive prints and laced knitwear. Massive flowers and floral patterns symbolize beauty, vitality and life, chosen by subtly compliment masculinity.

OTW Backstage Day THREE Photo by Rory James-20Ones to watch Backstage Jade Berry-6Ones to watch Backstage Jade Berry-9OTW Backstage Day THREE Photo by Rory James-18OTW Backstage Day THREE Photo by Rory James-19OTW Backstage Day THREE Photo by Rory James-27OTW Backstage Day THREE Photo by Rory James-28Ones_To_Watch_72dpi_003Ones to watch Backstage Jade Berry-11OTW Backstage Day THREE Photo by Rory James-23OTW Backstage Day THREE Photo by Rory James-37OTW Backstage Day THREE Photo by Rory James-38


NOUS ETUDIONS is an Argentinian brand created by designer Romi Cardillo in 2014. Its philosophy is linked to sustainability, veganism and non-gender traditions. The reformulation of traditional tailoring, the use of monochrome whilst defining the color palette, the oversized predominant silhouettes and the experimentation of handmade textiles is what defines Nous Etudions as a minimalist brand.

Founder and designer Romi Cardillo was born in Buenos Aires and studied Fashion Design at Universidad Argentina de la Empresa ( UADE ). Before launching Nous Etudions, Romi founded the menswear label ‘Group 134’ which was the first VEGAN Brand in Argentina, working with GreenPeace on their first Peace Campaign in Argentina on the production of leather tannery.

Since launching Nous Etudions in 2014, Romina is constantly searching for new innovations and development techniques. Her Spring Summer 2019 collection is entitled ‘Creatures of the Universe’ and takes inspiration from nature, shapes and textures. In this collection, a new look is sought for a new nomad individual who questions defining himself. The bold coloured palette varies from pastel shades to accent colours of blue, yellow, green and gold.

Nous Etudions have experimented with New Nous bio textiles in collaboration with Franco Nencini, who researched the development of a textile based on black tea, sugar and a handful of micro-organisms that ferment and create cellulose, he got a unique bio textile developed from kombucha. With this raw material and other exclusive textiles Nous Etudions develops a collection of deconstructed tailoring that is complemented by a line of accessories.

Ones to watch Backstage Jade Berry-4OTW Backstage Day THREE Photo by Rory James-15Ones_To_Watch_72dpi_035OTW Backstage Day THREE Photo by Rory James-6OTW Backstage Day THREE Photo by Rory James-5OTW Backstage Day THREE Photo by Rory James-24OTW Backstage Day THREE Photo by Rory James-25Ones to watch Backstage Jade Berry-10


Ones to watch Backstage Jade Berry-2Ones to watch Backstage Jade Berry-3Ones to watch Backstage Jade Berry-5Ones to watch Backstage Jade Berry-6Ones to watch Backstage Jade Berry-7Ones to watch Backstage Jade BerryOTW Backstage Day THREE Photo by Rory James-11OTW Backstage Day THREE Photo by Rory James-4OTW Backstage Day THREE Photo by Rory James-3OTW Backstage Day THREE Photo by Rory James-17OTW Backstage Day THREE Photo by Rory James-18OTW Backstage Day THREE Photo by Rory James-23OTW Backstage Day THREE Photo by Rory James-25OTW Backstage Day THREE Photo by Rory James-40

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