GALO BERTIN is a Mexican brand guided by the ideal of satisfying each customer through creative designs with unique details and tailored sizes.

The designer, Galo Bertin, focused on adopting new visions and getting soaked in other cultures to realize that he needed to give people what he was looking for when buying clothes.

He needed to bring them the tailoring experience with a unique style, elegant and modern. Thinking that each garment transmits the necessary conjugation to stand out making you feel exclusive for its details, colors and textures. Sartorial details we can find in each collection, where a story is transferred to each customer.

In 2013 GALO BERTIN opened its first boutique in the city of Querétaro to convey elegance through the simplicity of design, understanding it as a way of life. A space dedicated to the manufacture of the products with the highest quality standards and hand-made details.