A chat with SOFIA OTTONE, Founder of TOTI

TOTI by Sofia Ottone is a brand who listens to young generations, who admires young people and embrace feelings.

TOTI is about creating a community where you can feel identify and be part of it, where the fun and the attitude of not taking things too seriously characterizes it. 


MUFF is a collection that enters a universe where gender does not exist, where we are responsible only for ourselves and where responsibilities are not a constraint. A universe of electric and soft inspired colors that make this place, a place where ecstasy to live exists. 

TOTI SS19 | Photo: Dominique Somazzi

AN INTERVIEW with SOFIA OTTONE, Founder and Creative Director of TOTI

33 MAGAZINE : Describe Sofia Ottone as a person in five words.

SOFIA OTTONE: Chill, Dreamer, Independant, Introvert, Optimist

PHOTO-2018-11-30-09-59-39 -
Sofia Ottone, Founder and Creative Director of TOTI

33 MAGAZINE: Why did you decide to become a fashion designer?

SOFIA OTTONE: When I was little I helped my dad that was working in a clothing store at the time and I felt passionate on how people felt with clothes and the combinations you could make with different materials and forms. Also by seeing my mum and grand ma sewing and knitting all the time.

33 MAGAZINE: How the TOTI’s mission will evolve starting with your first collection?

SOFIA OTTONE: It will evolve in many senses, first of all by been discovered it will open so many doors to future collections and reaching the young generation to make them be part of TOTI.


33 MAGAZINE: In your experience, what are some of the negative points regarding fashion design schools?

SOFIA OTTONE: Sometimes you lost yourself by comments or the way they want the students to be.

33 MAGAZINE: How sustainability can change fashion industry? Do you think we can see, in the next future, a positive change also in Costa Rica regarding sustainable design?

SOFIA OTTONE: Sustainability can change the fashion industry not just ecologicaly but also it can change peoples lives, it can give good work conditions, new opportunities and preserve some ancestral techniques. In Costa Rica it will give so much opportunities to a lot of persons who haven’t a profession and the textile industrie can be developed by using materials that can be found in our country in our nature as well as ancestral techniques that many natives used. 

TOTI SS19 | Photo: Dominique Somazzi


33 MAGAZINE: In your opinion, will it be the consumer who will facilitate the change in the supply chain or will it be the design and manufacturing industry?

SOFIA OTTONE: Both, of course that as designer we have to be more conscient on how we make each product, to respect our teams and work in the best conditions. But also the consumer can be more aware on what they are buying and find designers who respect and apply sustainable values to there collections.

33 MAGAZINE: What should a customer expect when buying TOTI?

SOFIA OTTONE: With TOTI they can express themselves, be who they want to be, be different, and acquire confidence. 

TOTI SS19 | Photo: Sean Macleod

33MAGAZINE: What drives your passion for genderless design?

SOFIA OTTONE: It’s the power that it can create, it’s a feeling an admiration, it’s a way of seen things.

TOTI SS19 | Photo: Sean Macleod

33 MAGAZINE: What are your top tips for others trying to lead a “fashion designer” life in Costa Rica?

SOFIA OTTONE: Go out and explore the world.

33 MAGAZINE: What was the biggest challenge for you as a designer?

SOFIA OTTONE: To stay myself and have the courage to present my projects.

TOTI SS19 | Photo: Sean Macleod

33 MAGAZINE: Would you like to showcase your collection in one of the most important fashion weeks around the world?

SOFIA OTTONE: That will be a dream for me.

33 MAGAZINE: What we should expect next from TOTI?

SOFIA OTTONE: TOTI is the reflect of my inner self so you can expect anything from it, but soon you will see the next collection that is going to be launched in Februar y.


TOTI SS19 | Photo: Sean Macleod

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