A Talk with Flavia Carbonetti, Founder and Creative Director of Einfühlung

Einfühlung is a conscious-sustainable brand Designed in Luxembourg by Flavia Carbonetti and made in Italy.

The founding philosophy at the core of Einfühlung is to create contemporary Unisex pieces that can be shared between Men and Women.  Designed for responsible citizens.


The reason behind the why.

Share. Dare. Love. Einfühlung’s world embodies these three pillars.
A good balance between what has been and what might be, craftmanship and new technology. There is no limit in the pursuit of boundless creation.

”As a conscious brand, we strongly believe in the circular economy. Our commitment is to make sure that our impact on this planet is as sustainable as possible. Our labels are 100% made from recycled plastic bottles. We use fabrics that are certified GOTS, Cardato Recycled or come from sustainable manufacturing progress. Every season 2% of our sales are donated to a selected charity association that reflects our philosophy. This season we support North-South Cooperation, specialized in providing education and training to marginalised communities to enable their empowerment.”– Flavia Carbonetti


A Talk with Flavia Carbonetti, Founder and Creative Director of Einfühlung

#33Magazine: Describe Flavia Carbonetti as Creative Director in few words. 

Flavia Carbonetti: Multicultural. Open-minded. Curious. Determined. Responsible.

#33Magazine: Why did you decide to become a fashion designer? 

Flavia Carbonetti: Since I was a child I was always attracted to fashion. My aunt was always sending to me and my sister beautiful pieces she had bought in the 60’s and 70’s so I was really fascinated by the history of fashion too.

#33Magazine: How the Einfühlung’s mission evolved in sustainable fashion starting with your first collection?

Flavia Carbonetti: Einfühlung reflects my personal values. Every aspect of my daily life inspires me in the creation of the designs. It is highly autobiografic. It was obvious to choose a responsible orientation.


#33Magazine: In your experience, what are some of the negative points regarding fashion design schools regarding sustainability? 

Flavia Carbonetti: During my studies in Fashion design, unfortunately I didnt hear very often talking about sustainability. I would have liked to know more about the impact of fashion on the planet, waste management, water management  and toxic substances and CO2 release in the environment. I think it is crucial to talk about it especially in schools.

#33Magazine: How sustainability can change fashion industry? Do you think we can see, in the next future, a positive change also in Europe, especially Eastern Europe, regarding sustainable design? 

Flavia Carbonetti: It is the responsability of the fashion industry to be more sustainable and educate its consumers to a more responsible fashion. Simple questions like How it’s made, Where, How long does it last? should be in the mind of every customer while shopping for new clothes. The change is already here but in my opinion only with new regulations we will be able to achieve a faster change. 


#33Magazine: In your opinion, will it be the consumer who will facilitate the change in the supply chain or will it be the design and manufacturing industry?

Flavia Carbonetti: As a designer that focuses on Circular Economy, I have the obligation to think about the sustainability and Lifecycle of my clothes from the design phase. Consumers are already aware of the need for a change. We designers instead have to improve in the mission to create a better and more conscious fashion by choosing the right suppliers and manufacturers but especially as  I mentioned before in designing clothes not just thinking about putting something on the market, but thinking about the consequences of it.

#33Magazine: What should a customer expect when buying Einfühlung ? 

Flavia Carbonetti: Einfühlung is breacking boundaries. It is wearing something that makes you feel good. The timeless pieces of this collection are meant to be worn through generations and will gain even more beauty in time carrying with them traditions and experiences of its owners. 


#33Magazine: What drives your passion for genderless design? 

Flavia Carbonetti: When I was in Fashion school I always had a hard time in choosing between womenswear or menswear designs. I had the chance to be an apprentice as a Men’s Tailor assistant for 4 years during my bachelor studies, that gave me a good knowledge and sartorial skills. Afterwards I always worked for the womenswear industry.  

I started thinking about the concept of Unisex, while living with my boyfriend in a small apartment and with a small closet – not much space, so invention had to prevail! We started sharing clothes and soon I adopted this value in the creation of my brand. I no longer had to choose. WE can share clothes! And also think how much waste is reduced by producing one line that fits all!


#33Magazine: What are your top tips for others trying to lead a “fashion designer” life in Luxembourg?

Flavia Carbonetti: Luxembourg is a very fast growing country. The creative scene is finally starting to emerge. But I still advize to travel often and stay as much as possible in contact with the main artistic and fashion cities in Europe, wich is very easy since Luxembourg is geografically very well connected to Milan, Paris, Berlin and London with just 1h flight.

#33Magazine: What was the biggest challenge for you as a designer? 

Flavia Carbonetti: My biggest challenge was finding my path, my voice.

#33Magazine: Would you like to showcase your collection in one of the most important fashion weeks around the world?

Flavia Carbonetti: I have always been very fascinated by the Paris fashion scene, so it would be a good achievement to showcase during the fashion week.  I also like a lot the interaction with the public, so it would be more of a performance instead of a runway show.

#33Magazine: What we should expect next from Einfühlung  ?

Flavia Carbonetti: Einfühlung is always trying to evolve and discover new technologies. Experiment with fabrics and bringing new solutions.




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