During March 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th, ModaLisboa wanted to keep looking inside fashion, understand what kind of production there is, what sort of consumers we are, which new generations they will have, which legacy they will leave behind when moving forward.

INSIGHT because that introspection inspires all of us; it compels us to react, to hold on to the fashion dynamics in everlasting movement, working with the new languages called by the modern-day world – be it through sustainable production, synthetic urgency or the arise of new publics and consumption practices. We want to understand which trends are going to emerge, which models are going to be created, which paradigm is going to be established, which collections are going to stand out and especially who are we going to reach.


The starting point of the collection was the techno / minimal album titled “Persona” by DJ Rival Consoles. The album personifies the exploration of the persona, the difference between how we see ourselves and how others see us. At a time when we suffer with the absence of emotional links of the digital devices, this album personifies the search of our own identity.

In contradiction to the loss of physical contact resulting from the digital age, the collection is also influenced by the universe of football, a sport that symbolizes multiculturalism, the collective spirit and unity among people.

Photo Credits: Dulce Daniel


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