MODALISBOA INSIGHT. More than interpretation, an introspection. More than a glimmer, thinking. More than an invitation, a call.

What we see – is it really what it is?

The fashion that we see in the mirror often does not reflect solely the image of what is at sight. Many times that reflection can be hiding a deeper artistic reality that is not noticeable at first sight, or is only rather noticeable to whom intends to interpret the fashion that is alive nowadays and the challenges that it brings to us. But those are the challenges that inspire our designers every year, prompt our talents and catalyse our fashion. Challenges that emerge in a rapidly changing world, challenges mooted by the desire to question and rethink the image expressed by the fashion sphere.

The fashion that is produced today continues to be the outcome of this ability of the introspection to always imply action. An act of courage that takes the designers and fashion agents to be nonconformists, irreverent and rebellious towards the world that surrounds them.

During March 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th, ModaLisboa wanted to keep looking inside fashion, understand what kind of production there is, what sort of consumers we are, which new generations they will have, which legacy they will leave behind when moving forward.

INSIGHT because that introspection inspires all of us; it compels us to react, to hold on to the fashion dynamics in everlasting movement, working with the new languages called by the modern-day world – be it through sustainable production, synthetic urgency or the arise of new publics and consumption practices. We want to understand which trends are going to emerge, which models are going to be created, which paradigm is going to be established, which collections are going to stand out and especially who are we going to reach.

We want also to understand which photographers are going to grow up and we got an eye on Pedro Leote, young photographer born and raised in Portugal, based in Lisbon, inspired by the streets and by the individuality of each being is a young photographer specialized in portraiture and fashion photography. We are really focused on new talents worldwide and we believe that Pedro is one of the most talented one, especially in film photography, check his work at and here a quick sneak peek of his work at ModaLisboa here below:

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