SPOTLIGHT: Estefania Vila Garcia FW19

Estefania Vila Garcia is fashion designer based in A Coruña, Spain, who wants to express her own vision of the world in an aesthetic way. For her, fashion is an art, through which you can express yourself.

”My style, clean with romantic reminiscences gives prominence to volumes and small details.” 

ENVIROTECH FW19/20 – Taking as inspiration the imaginary of ancient Greece and the conflict between environment and progress, a new discourse emerges that breaks down the need to mark limitations between origin and future.


An Interview with Estefania Vila x 33 MAGAZINE 

Describe your brand in five words.

Volume, harmony, simplicity, femininity and organic elements.

Why did you decide to become a fashion designer?

I decided to be a fashion designer when I stopped seeing a garment simply like that. For that moment, I understood fashion as an art. You can transmit through it and I wanted to do it. Besides, fashion brings me the opportunity to live off my passion.

How your brand’s mission evolved starting with your first collection?

I think bit by bit you I got to know myself more as designer and this is reflected in the collections. I mature and my brand with me. Also, the visual culture acquired helps you to know what you want and how to get it.


In your experience, what are some of the other negative points regarding fashion design schools?

I personally believe that each of them will have its negative and positive points. But in general I think that precisely the worst that they can have is something natural; and is that they can not cover everything that fashion involves. That is, fashion is a broad discipline, changing and it doesn ́t stop reinventing itself. Covering all its branches and training students in everything is impossible.

I have studied at a young and small school in A Coruña and my personal experience in general has been very good.

How sustainability can change fashion industry? Do you think we can see, in the next future, a positive change regarding sustainable design?

In my opinion, education is one of the bases for a “ethical fashion”. The current growth of sustainable fashion is very positive, but if we don ́t change our way of consuming, this just going to be a smokescreen to hide the real problem. Anyway, I think that more and more people are becoming aware with this topic. So… I still have hope.


In your opinion, will it be the consumer who will facilitate the change in the supply chain or will it be the design and manufacturing industry?

I believe that will be the consumer who will change it. Actually, the mainstream of this industry pushes us to a compulsive consume so we are who have to say stop.
Despite this, I think that some brands are listening the message.

What should a customer expect when buying your brand?

A relaxed and clean style with attention to details. Comfortable but special garments that try to respect the ethics of this industry to the maximum.

What drives your inspiration for your design?

Organic volumes, clean forms or harmonic colors are some elements that I have very present when I design.

Also, I like to look for inspiration in women, important moments of history, social topics… but this is more about the thematic.


What was the biggest challenge for you as a designer?

I’m starting so I think I still have many great challenges ahead. But precisely this moment of the beginnings, in which you want to poke your head in the industry and with limited resources is difficult. Anyway I think you have to keep the desire and the illusion ahead, little by little and with work everything can be achieved.

Would you like to showcase your collection in one of the most important fashion weeks around the world?

Definitely, yes. Fashion weeks are a very important platform. It ́s a way to show who you are as designer to the world. I believe that would be an unforgettable experience.

What we should expect next from you?

I hope to keep growing as brand. Work on new projects and find a place in the market is what is on my mind now.


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