CUSCUZ handmade sunglasses are natural and long-lasting, build from up—cycled material. And we love them. This lovely brand has been willing to collaborate with DAYCLUB to create a unique capsule collection. A pair of sunglasses made from old chairs. makes creative concepts from beginning to end. With 10 year experience in design, advertising, fashion, brand strategy, concept creation and publishing, they can safely say they have all the instruments to help brands develop to their full potential. Located in Lisbon, they serve clients in the Netherlands, Germany and Portugal as their roots lay in all 3 of these places.

CUSCUZ is a sustainable fashion accessory and design brand. Handmade sunglasses with natural, long-lasting upcycled materials. Design a better tomorrow.

A special event will take place in the DAYCLUB studio in Marvila (Rua Cintura do Porto Prédio B, 4oD) on Tuesday 4th of June, 18:00 — 22:00.

”We will introduce these sunglasses as well as our creative studio to the public for the first time. We will also showcase some of the latest Cuscuz models, and celebrate chairs.”

SIT ON MY NOSE is the theme for the evening and were invited 5 Portuguese artists to create artworks with the collection name and their iconic blue.

The limited edition posters will be available for sale at the event and printed in risograph in collaboration with the main sponsor of the event, Stolen Books.


Wasted Rita, Ex Amante, Cat Serafim, Another Angelo, Elleonor Hello

This Summer, let us sit on your nose.

#sitonmynose #cuscuzdesign #dayclubstudio



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