”CHOKE POINT” was developed as a response to nearly a decade of trying to tamp down Samantha’s creative instincts and break herself into small, bite-sized pieces so she was easier to swallow, but it was never enough to really give sense of what she was about.

”I couldn’t stand it anymore, so last September, I decided to just lean into what I really wanted to produce, even if it risked alienating others.  I wouldn’t offer small, safe tastes of what I could produce, I wanted to stay whole, and if the audience choked, they choked.  I wanted a story that purposely made people just the slightest bit uncomfortable, but compelled to keep looking.  Thus, “Choke”. – Samantha Wolov

Photography & Styling:  Samantha Wolov

Makeup & Hair:  Bethany Eskandani

Model:  Alexis Hutt, Scout Management

Fashion Editor: Myra Postolache


1234567891011121314Copy of Copy of 33-21516Copy of Copy of 33-3Copy of Copy of 33



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