The 12th edition of Feeric Fashion Week turned  Sibiu again into the world’s capital of creative fashion. Between 17 and 21 July, designers from all corners of the world presented their new collections in unconventional spaces in the city and in Sibiu County, Transylvania, Romania. Because fashion is among the polluting industries, this year’s Feeric Fashion Week is taking another important step towards international recognition, aligning itself with the global pollution reduction trend.

“Some voices position fashion in the second-place among the most polluting industries. Non-profit organizations, as well as corporations, invest heavily in awareness campaigns and even in research to reduce pollution. More and more independent designers are thinking about new collections in line with the awareness messages both from the market and from the big players in fashion industry “says Mitichi, president of Feeric Fashion Week.

Feeric Fashion Week is rightly credited with the recognition of the most creative fashion week in the world due to the absolutely unconventional fashion presentations they made, not once, well known around the world. Designers from all corners of the world choose to value their new creations in atypical spaces for fashion presentations. On the water, inside the water, in the lion’s cage at the zoo or in the middle of a stone quarry, the Feeric Fashion Week presentations are a standard of world-class creativity.

The last day of fashion shows on Saturday began in the basement of the “Ion Besoiu” Cultural Center, a place that keeps the time, mysterious and easy to go, that emphasized the Pat Equilux brand collection.

The signature project of the brand Pat Equilux is something very personal, in which the designer wanted to focus something that touches us very closely to many and many, the inequality between men and women, the injustice of superiority, with which this has been the main subject. Main inspiration, starting from this, there are also several influences of freedom of expression on our body.

‘’By wearing my brand, you can enter that limbo of freedom, outside the social pressures of the outside, a state in which your internal ‘I’ can leave without preamble, without prejudice, without censorship. Simply give physical shape to everything we carry inside and closed with a thousand padlocks for “not being well seen.” Everything you are beautiful and beautiful because you are that unique and ephemeral that nobody can ever replace, do not deprive yourself of teaching the world that you can never see again. To this, the signature project, I have given it the name of PAT EQUILUX, because as I have said before, it is something very personal, hence the meaning, which refers to “Equilux”, a fact that manifests itself every year March 17 (day that also coincides with my birth date), on that day there is an alignment of poles that in response gives the same duration of hours of day and night hours, to which I refer to the relationship between the man and the woman, if something as different as day and night have managed to have the same value, as much as to last the same, why is not the man and the woman? With my brand I look for the Equilux of society between man and woman.’’ said the designer of Pat Equilux.

Spring/Summer 2020

Maelstrom is the continuation of Ramé.

The collection of Ramé offered the search for freedom through the indifference of imposed social preambles, wanting to tell our faults, finding the path of strength, independence and acceptance that being who we are, we are perfect for the simple fact of being unique and ephemeral. Now, after all that comes VORÁGINE, the tornado of freedom, referring to the word itself, we rely on its two definitions, first, it means the feeling so overwhelming that you feel having achieved such freedom, it is so disproportionate and great that has no exact explanation; and as a second reference to the word, we also allude to the tornado that invades us and envelops us by having in ourselves that which we have always sought and needed, FREEDOM.


PAT EQUILUX – Photo: Cornel Petrus




The new skatepark, near the Obor Fair met at 17 o’clock with the exuberant markets of Andalusia. Juan Boleco brought a collection full of spirits and vapors that breathe Spanish air. Juan Boleco is a young designer from Sevilla, Spain. Has presented his collections at SIMOF (international flamenco fashion salon) and at We love flamenco. He currently has his showroom in Huelva (Andalusia). Juan Boleco presented his new collection “Lola en la luna”, which is inspired by the Holy Week and the fairs of Andalusia (Spain). Polka dot prints and lurex fabrics predominant in the collection.


JUAN BOLECO – Photo: Cornel Petrus




The most important event of the festival, Gala Feeric, began at 21 o’clock, in the Little Square of Sibiu, in the front of the House of Arts. In front of hundreds of spectators collections by Aida Lorena, Casi Couture, Irina Akkaya and Chaotic were showcased. 

Aida Lorena Atelier 

Inspired by the power of women to reinvent themselves every day and our love for the versatility and complexity of bridal dresses, we designed our latest collection Phoenix. Like the legend of a bird that rises from its own ashes to end up shining brighter and rising as high as possible, the Phoenix collection is based on classical elements that we re-interpret and bring to modernity through precise techniques and a lot of creativity.

From the pure emotion of the most special day to women’s desire to shine and truly enjoy their moment, every dream of our clients was taken into account when we went from idea, sketch and then to the final execution of all the dresses.


AIDA LORENA – Photo: Cornel Petrus





SEED Concept  

‘’The necessity of keeping a good energy through environment follows us everywhere.

SEED  implies the beginning of a simple and unique purpose, which follows the necessity of evolving to a new life in abstract shapes. It’s directly proportional to the continuous movement of nature. The unknown and the surprises of life are that we don’t know anytime how species will grow after planting a seed. This is the beauty of nature.  I linked my SEED collection to this main idea, following innovative techniques of pattern making, related to Julian Robertstechniques Subtraction Cutting– basically I “planted” my seeds into more holes and the result, after “growing” is unknown. Sometimes, the blooming flowers, are reconstructed after Shingo Sato innovative techniques – Transformational Reconstructiontechniques.

Making a connection with nature, whose features are unlimited, I chose for SEEDCollection soft, fluid transparent and thick fabrics with various colors and textures.’’


Irina Akkaya, is a Romanian Fashion Designer whosecollections have Asian influences. Transformational and Reconstruction Cutting, Subtraction Cutting, Origamitechniques and fabric manipulation are combined that represents the brand direction of garments. The Designerdevelops a 3D design that suits women’s body and their personality, creating originality for everyone who wears thisbrand.

When she creates garments she tries to innovate three-dimensional techniques and to develop a form of art based on origami and tessellations through fabric manipulation.

IRINA AKKAYA – Photo: Cornel Petrus





Through ,,Tears from Universe” collection Casi Couture celebrates the courage of the lost in solitude and sadness woman to decide to reborn and to step into the world, full of self trust sensuality and opulence, wearing a mesmerizing dress created with the finest silk, precious crystals and feathers, the perfect elements to be an unforgettable appearance.




Casi Couture remind us about the traditional romanian costume, using in ,,Scents of the Past” collection old, authentic clothing pieces made of natural textiles like wool, cotton, or borangic (natural romanian silk) hand embroidered by romanian artisans in hundreds of hours of work next to contemporary couture elements made of velvet, denim or leather accessorized with precious crystals, pearls and fringes, suggesting some outfits than can be worn nowadays in daily life.






  • EMOTIONS  SS20 Collection


Combining textures, colors and fine details, the collection reflects through each piece diverse emotions felt by the chaotic women in you. Each item is carefully manufactured, featuring memorable elements such as glamourous embellishments, playful pleats or feminine bows. So, who are you challenging today? Your inner goddess, Cinderella, the child in you or the fearless, seductive women? Embrace every mood with confidence, today you can feel…




The event was presented by the TV star Cosmina Păsărin. The curtain fell over the 12th edition of the Feeric Fashion Week in the Cotton Club, at the Feeric Party, the event that closed the festival.

Feeric Fashion Week took place between July 17th and 21st, in Sibiu. The event is co-financed by the Sibiu Local Council through the City Hall of Sibiu and the Sibiu County Council.

Partners: Ford through Mecatronics Sibiu, Lillet, Wella, Paese, Boromir, Redal Expo, First Driving School, Buonavista.


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