An Interview with MARANGONI talent Vinny Lim


The Istituto Marangoni presented a unique fashion show in London featuring top talents chosen by an authoritative jury of industry professionals. Through a visionary reflection upon the contamination between fashion, technology and environment, the event gives voice to a new generational understanding of concepts and trends of the future, within an international landscape.

Each student presented their own personal view on inspirations from all over the world, ranging from Chinese traditions to Italian heritage and performance arts, through history and futuristic lenses, all the way through the 60sand 70s swinging London and the USSR Russia from the 20s. The reach in terms of creative outcome is entirely global, as a reflection of both London’s and the School’s international approach and horizons.

The event is a unique experience that combines technology, nature and forward thinking mindset and provides a glimpse into how these elements can drive a new generation full of optimism and utopian ideals.



An Interview with Maragoni talent Vinny Lim


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your designer journey.

My name is Vinny Lim and I’m from Indonesia. Before getting into fashion, I think my passion for the arts started when I was in primary school. I used to draw a lot whenever I was in class, it started with small and messy doodles and as I grew up, I got more into drawing “beautiful dresses”. I think my mom is one of my biggest influences as well, she used to make dresses for me for special occasions, whether it was a school recital, wedding or even my graduation dress! Until now, I still ask for her opinion on garments construction, she’s my amazing mentor.




What was your inspiration for the collection and how did you explore it?

When I started my first term of 3rd year, I’ve decide to create a collection that is based on my own experience, to have it more sentimental. My collection, called Distort, is inspired by the idea of the distortion of human emotion and feeling that causes fear and anxiety. Fear and anxiety is an emotional response from the signal in our brain, in a certain situation and time. But what if our brain actually sends a false signal and created a distortion of emotion? The signature element is the embroidery and the asymmetrical design and silhouette. The embroidery is actually a collaboration with a good friend of mine, we’ve worked together for months, working with sampling, colour decisions, fabric choices, thread weight and all the details to achieve the perfect collection.




What is the future of fashion in your perspective and what are your main goals as a designer?

I personally think that currently fashion has become even more forward to create change, whether it’s the issue of sustainability, or even the use of fur/animal skin. As we all know, the fashion industry has become one of the most polluting industries, maybe with this awareness and movement, fashion can become a better industry and help to practice sustainability in people’s daily life. As a designer in this era, I think it is important to be aware with what’s happening and how we can help to make changes for a better place, I would love to create a brand that has “sustainability” as its core values, showing that sustainability can be elegant and luxurious as well.

Vinny Lim @vnyl__




Contributor: ANDRADA BODEA | Photographer: SIMON ARMSTRONG 

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