Simon Cracker returns to Emilia Romagna to present its Spring Summer 2020 collection.

After experiencing Milan Fashion Week’s catwalks and traveling Europe as a guest at major fashion appointments, he feels like paying tribute to his homeland, perhaps for the last time.
He didn’t choose the location by chance: Cinema Fulgor inspired Federico Fellini and it was present in various films, such as “Amarcord”. The designer Simone Botte takes inspiration from the director’s aesthetics and chose to cast, besides models, also common people, ladies of all ages, girls who have been bullied in school.

“I imagine this fashion show like my movie and this time I’m the one who makes the rules: no seasons, no sizes, no gender preference. If you like one of my pieces, wear it, without asking questions. Getting dressed is a spontaneous, natural gesture and should not be forced by anyone.

I want this show to be perceived as something from everyday life, something normal: no exposed catwalk, simply people of all kinds walking into a cinema.
I let myself be inspired by tourists, by their curiosity, their goofiness. I was influenced by horror movies from the 70s to today. And there’s always the street, which is able to offer beautiful things that are real, stimulating and inspire me in every moment.
People will not walk for me. I’m the one who will be honored to dress those beautiful personalities: they will be my army against those who think they can make rules, put labels and discriminate. They will march, strong and united against  those only judge the external side of things.”


MUAH Eleonora Volpi

STYLE Beatrice Mazza


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