Laraw ( Lara Rawadi) is a Montreal-born singer-songwriter of Moroccan and Lebanese origin. Initially on track for a career in the video game industry, she elected to pursue her musical aspiration after studying music production and sound design, leaning into her inner geek.






1. How and when did you decide to become a musician? 

3 years ago I was struggling with depression. I didn’t know what to do with my life . I was trying all those school programs and jobs that I absolutely hated. Then I had a really bad car accident. I was stuck in bed for a while and reached the peak of my depression . I asked myself, « What would make you happy » . The answer was music. I have always written songs that I sang in my bathroom and I felt that writing those songs was the only thing I did with love. I quit everything to focus on music and invested in my happiness. I gave myself the chance to be the person I tried to run away from because «  it’s impossible » . Might be ! But here I am !




2. Growing up, what kinds of music interested you? 

Bon Iver, Florence & The Machine, Paramore, Radiohead and Queen . I feel like they shaped me to be who I am today . I listened to Bon Iver in the darkest times and it always pulled me through . They all have this special way to tell a story that always captivated me . 

3. How would you describe your music and what inspires it?

Music is my form of storytelling and healing . My inspiration is life, my experiences and those of my close ones. 

I find it difficult to put a label on my music style . Depending on my mood , the influences can be hip-hop, RnB oriented or super pop ! It really depends on the vibe of the song . 

“Pretty necklace” ,for example, has this loud trap beat layered with a RnB topline . And the reason for that was because I was angry . Trap , for me , can be super aggressive. So it made sense for this song ! 


Cover Art Pretty Necklace by Visually Tasteful


4. Is there any favorite place/country where would you like to perform? 

I want to perform everywhere ! I haven’t been able to travel yet . Never been on a plane by myself. It is one of my biggest dreams to tour the world . 

5. The timeline of RnB/Hip Hop music style development has evolved significantly over three centuries. What are the difficulties nowadays for young performers and how these can be improved? 

It’s very hard to pin point a specific genre these days because they all keep evolving and different influences might affect the style. The hard part for me is finding this specific style. Music is freedom and should remain that way. Being put in a box is the last thing I want but I feel like it’s unavoidable. I’d like to be able to release a rock album tomorrow without it being weird. At the end of the day what matters is the message behind a song . I think that the solution is just to stick to your message and own image. You can never go wrong by being you.

6. What has been the most rewarding experience involving your musical career? 

I’d say being able to shoot a music video that doubled as a commercial for my father’s garage . He was really proud and that meant the world to me . I was never able to help him physically because I am literally the smallest human ever . Shooting this video was my way of thanking him for everything . Also, I was on the radio for the first time last week . My mom, sister and aunt cried and were so proud. That was very special to me . I told my mother that I would be on the radio last year and I made it happen. 

7. Are there any upcoming projects and/or events that you would like to mention?

My first EP « Mood AF », produced by Tim Buron, is coming out September 6th ! I’ll also be performing my first show the same day at Le Ministère in Montreal ( my hometown ).



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