”PAVA GALAXY”, a new collection from PAVA that is inspired by the uniqueness of Thai silk which is the heart of the brand.

Every piece of hand woven Mudmee silk by Thai local artisan used for each bag has a distinctive style – an asymmetrical pattern, of which imperfection we believe a perfection. This became an idea to create bag items in the concept of GEOMETRIC – making each bag a geometrical shape with fierceness, sharpness, and more standing-out uniqueness. To spice it all up, the bags are decorated with shapes inspired by patterns of planets in the galaxy, adding edginess and remarkableness to the bags.

Owners can mix and match with their styles with no boundary to show a new perspective of Thai silk. The collection will reach wider fashion items enthusiasts, highlighting the unisex characteristic and its functional use, which makes this PAVA collection truly respond to any purpose of usage. PAVA GALAXY comes in colors that match the summertime – ranging from pastels to neons as well as a classic black for every occasion – with 4 designs PRISM, HEXAGON, METEOR, and MARS.​


Pava Bag RS20 3373Pava Bag RS20 3379Pava Bag RS20 3383Pava Bag RS20 3392Pava Bag RS20 3395Pava Bag RS20 3398Pava Bag RS20 3399Pava Bag RS20 3410Pava Bag RS20 3412Pava Bag RS20 3425Pava Bag RS20 3454Pava Bag RS20 3458Pava Bag RS20 3458Pava Bag RS20 3413Pava Bag RS20 3459Pava Bag RS20 3460Pava Bag RS20 3460Pava Bag RS20 3464Pava Bag RS20 3473Pava Bag RS20 3476

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