MUSQET is a minimal but stylish clothing brand with a particular emphasis on high-quality products. The company possesses a collection of premium fabrics specially made for our brand. Besides, it is confident that it will be a world-class brand with pristine design and unbeatable quality of fabrics as well as apparels.





Describe your brand in five words.

I would say Minimal, Sophisticated, Classic, Simple, and Imperfection.




Why did you decide to become a fashion designer?

Fashion is the only passion for me. I only know that I have to be in this industry, so I tried my hardest. I love everything about it even pattern making which some of my friends are hating it. Some people think that a fashion designer is a bougie job. I feel like it takes a lot of work, knowledge, and time just like the other career.




How your brand’s mission evolved starting with your first collection?

Actually, our goal mission is to let the production process become more sustainable. But for the first collection, all I can do is to choose the organic fabric, which is natural and make it more sustainable in the producing process. All the clothes are handmade, and each piece delicately made by heart.




In your experience, what are some of the other negative points regarding fashion design schools? 

Talking about fashion design schools is a big topic. They’re so many kinds of design schools, and some schools in some countries are different from others. I have been studied in Thailand and the US before. However, I have a great experience. Nothing disappoints me at that time, although I feel like it depends on the personnel.




How sustainability can change fashion industry? 

I feel like it makes people aware more about the current situation and what should we do to help. We can see the brands try their best to create less waste in the processes. Sustainability can change the fashion industry in the right way.




Do you think we can see, in the next future, a positive change regarding sustainable design? 

I feel like we already see some positive changes. I personally still need to learn more about it. But I think that it will be a massive change in the right way for sustainable design in the future.




In your opinion, will it be the consumer who will facilitate the change in the supply chain or will it be the design and manufacturing industry? 

I would say the design and manufacturing industry because I can’t make people buy our product unless they like the product on their own. Marketing also helps people to reach our brand and buy our product too. I still believe that we need both of them to make them more accessible supply chains. Maybe people might ask If consumer concern and report our product problem, will it be harder for the supply chain. I’m going to say no because the consumer told us what we need to fix, so it will support our brand to develop our product which we can’t find a problem on our own.




What should a customer expect when buying your brand? 

They should be expected quality product made by heart which is simple and sophisticated designs. Also, expected to get a lot of use out the it because the design meant to be timeless.




What drives your inspiration for your design? 

My experiences drive every inspiration for me. I believe the way that I need actually to see something to believe in that thing. So all of the motivation must be from my observation only. I love to travel and see something new. I expected to learn more every day; it definitely for my happiness and also for my job in additional.




What was the biggest challenge for you as a designer? 

Creativity is the biggest challenge. I feel like I always have to look around and learn from every situation that’s going on. I help a lot with my work. I feel like the more I know is, the more creativity I have. So I feel like I can’t just stop being observative. 




Would you like to showcase your collection in one of the most important fashion weeks around the world? 

That would be such a dream. I would love to do it one day. And it might be so hard for me to believe that it’s actually real.




What we should expect next from you? 

You guys can always expect something bigger and better from my brand and me. I would definitely improve everything to become better and better. It’s a continuous process to keep being better for me.






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