As Aphrodite comes to life in the ocean, she slowly erases from the soft touch of the underworld to the cold Olympe Mountain.

We look up to the sky but feel deep in the water.
Green, yellow and blue.

Solf as a velvet and hard as a stones.



Film Director: Sarah Jacquier / @Sarah Jacquier

Model / Designer: Anina Christina (Urban Agency) / @aninachristina

Assistant Director: Emmanuel Casajus / @magnus_corpus89

Composer: Monika Mia / @monikamiacomposer

Color Grader: Kevin Fillinger / @kevin_fillinger


Artist’s Bio:

Anina Christina

Creativity can’t be limited. Creativity can’t be filled into a bottle. Creativity always needs to overflow, otherwise it won’t be the truth.Therefore I don’t restrict myself to one form of art. Expression has a lot of faces and I see myself channeling energy into different mediums. Coming from dance, which is my deepest rooted passion, I explore paint, illustration, poetry and design. And no matter which tool I am using, it all goes back to the meaning of movement. I want to move the way people see life and themselves.

Sarah Jacquier

Sarah Jacquier is a multidisciplinary artist exploring an aesthetic where color and texture plays with our perception. Very focused on symbolism, her work restores the tenuous space that connects the world of dreams to reality.

She has been exhibited in many festivals, including the International Bienniale of the Image of Nancy, CLIPPED Music Video Festival, Vertical Movie Festival at the museum of Contemporary Art of Roma, CUBBY S2 at the Soma Gallery, etc.

Recently back to France after five years abroad, she begin to mix her strong aesthetic with a reflection on the fragility of our identity when we start to question social norms at their very core.

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