In September 2015, Natalia was on holidays with a friend in Formentera… 




Interview with Natalia – Founder of THE GIPSY TRUCK


33: Does The Gipsy Truck position itself as one of the most bohemian projects in fashion industry?

Well, that statement is a big term. But of course, I will love it.

33: How the project was born and how many people are involved in the team now?

The project was born in LeMod. I have a small communication agency in Barcelona, LeMod. We carry out the communication of some clients of fashion and gastronomy, but we also launch our own innovation projects. Gypsy truck was born of an association of ideas and trends of the future. Currently the team is formed by: Ruben Gonzalez (photographer), Anna Lucientes (she helps me with the content) and the super team of LeMod (Laura and Andrea), and of course me.



33: What do you think is the biggest challenge for The Gipsy Truck right now?

Going from a local business to a global one.

33: How do you choose the brands to sell?

The brands have to excite me. Some of them get in touch with me, and some of them I’m the one who get in touch with them to tell them about the project.



33: How do you determine what is durable design?

Emotionally durable design explores the idea of creating a deeper, more sustainable bond between people and products.

33: What happens to that part of the looks that does not get sold?

We make special POP UP sells in collaboration with other brands on LeMod showroom.

33: How far do you go in terms of sustainability? 

I’m trying to pay attention on the brands who are following a sustainable fashion process towards greater ecological integrity and social justice.




33: Where could you serve as a role model for others?

I don’t consider myself a role model, but I hope that the Gypsy Truck can help other people to launch their own projects and to follow their dreams.

33: Tell us the most interesting experience of The Gipsy Truck and when this happened? 

I saw on Instagram that Leandra Medine de Manrepeller was in Formentera and I sent her a private message. The next day she got in touch with me and she told me that she has eating in Es Molí de Sal and she asked me to go there because she wanted to visit the truck. That day the natural park of Las Salines, where the restaurant is, was full and they didn’t let me in.




33: How do you balance your career with your personal life?

It isn’t always on balance. As I’m single my job consumes all my energy.

33: What is the next step for The Gipsy Truck?  

Surprise! You can follow us on instagram @thegypsytruck so you will know it.


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