Feeric Fashion Week, the greatest fashion week in Eastern Europe, that magical place where designers from all over of the world come to showcase their collections in unconventional spaces every July, in Sibiu County, Transylvania, Romania.

Feeric Fashion Week is rightly credited with the recognition of the most creative fashion week in the world due to the absolutely unconventional fashion presentations they made, not once, well known around the world. Fashion shows in the airport, in the museum, inside the library, on the water, inside the water, in the lion’s cage at the zoo or in the middle of a stone quarry, the Feeric Fashion Week presentations are a standard of world-class creativity.

#FEELFEERIC is about that magical feeling when you are there, part of the wonderful experience named Feeric Fashion Week and that’s why we created an exclusive digital cover story in atypical places like SIMPA Supermarket + SUPERMAMMA Fast-Food in Sibiu, Transylvania, Romania.


Shot on film 35mm

Photography: Nicola Casini

Fashion + Art Direction: Myra Postolache

Makeup: Cristian Buca using YSL Beauty

Hair Style: Geta Marin Academy


MALE MODELS: Victor Cosmin, Alex Basma and George Moldovan

FEMALE MODELS: Cristina Padure and Nicole Pricop

Brands: Pif Stephano, Pat Equilux, Bianca Popp, Claudia Negulici, Marcello Pipitone

Production: KREEP Agency + Feeric Fashion Week

Location: Sibiu, Transylvania, Romania










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