The brand Diana Caramaci was established in 2017 by the Designer herself with the winning of the Young Designers on Stage contest at Bucharest Fashion Week. The brand is on the up-and-up since then due to its unique designs and received various invitations to showcase the collections on national and international runways such as New York Fashion Week, Vienna Fashion Week, Oman Fashion Week, Feeric Fashion Week, Chisinau Fashion Week, Bucharest Fashion Week and Emerging Talents during Milan Fashion Week

The style of a Designer is her signature and by that means, Diana Caramaci tries to create artworks with every clothing piece. Her designs are unique pieces, slightly extravagant, trying to highlight each women’s silhouette and peculiarities. Having this fact in mind, it’s easy to recognize the fact, that the Diana Caramaci clothing pieces are created especially for the confident and powerful women.

The fabrics used for the Diana Caramaci creations are natural fabrics that infuse fluidity into garments, and they gain an added value by the unique cuts. Silk, embroidery, taffeta, jacquard, are few of the examples of the fabrics that are used to reflect each client’s style. To sum it up, each woman is intended to wear her own personality.





33: Does your brand position itself as a SUSTAINABLE brand?

We are trying to be. We only produce small runs of each collection in order to act against fast fashion. We also use sustainable fabrics and try to be as eco-friendly as possible and we try to produce most of the pieces made to order, to prevent waste.

33: How the brand was born and how many people are involved in the team now?

The brand was born as a result of winning the contest “Young Designers on Stage” in 2017, when I was just a student at the Fashion Design course. After showcasing the first collection, the invitations to fashion shows kept coming and in time I developed a strategy to build the brand, having now a team of 6 people who try to develop the brand as much as possible.

33: What do you think is the biggest challenge for Diana Caramaci right now?

Right now, the biggest challenge is to change the perception of Romanians, and try to teach them to start wearing Romanian designers more than the fast fashion brands which are accessible to everyone and to develop a culture to promote local designs instead of fast fashion.




33: How do you want to achieve the long-lasting concept for your brand?

In order to become long lasting, a brand should have a very good established strategy. The business plan should focus on the target audience, on the competitors, on the strengths and weaknesses, on the image, on marketing. This is focused more on the business and economic side, rather than design and creativity itself.


33: How do you determine what is durable design?

I think that durable design is somehow linked to emotions. As a Designer, I try to get to my customers emotions and leave an emotional mark on them, so that they get linked to the pieces they buy. I try to create pieces that could be matched into casual style, but in an elegant way as well. If you have one piece of clothing that could be fitted in more styles, a piece becomes durable.




33: What happens to that part of a production that does not get sold?

We don’t produce many pieces so it’s a very rare thing, that we have production that doesn’t get sold. We try to produce items based on the orders we receive and that’s how we get an idea of what are the best sellers and try to focus on those items.

33: How far do you go in terms of sustainability?

I try to be aligned to the terms of sustainability and learn daily about the terms that imply sustainability, I think it’s an ongoing process of learning.

33: Where could you serve as a role model for others?

I think that I could serve as a role model for all people my age, who have a dream and a passion, and that they can do a job out of a passion with hard work.


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