This project is inspired by the purity and simplicity of the Amish, the Protestant ethnic-religious community born in Switzerland and established in the United States of America in the 18th century. They have choosen to live in rural areas rejecting any form of progress that moves away from their ideal of simple life. The taste for the simplicity of nature has always been my source of inspiration and the cornerstone of all my projects. Starting from the Amish aesthetic, I wanted to represent the desire to be free again, to be able to fly lightly as a scarf pushed by the wind, like the clouds that quickly pass by in the sky, white and perfect in their pure simplicity

Photography + Styling: Micol Locci Cipriani @micolloccicipriani
Models: Gregorio Locci Cipriani @_greg11 + Yana Mosiychuk @yaanams
Brands: Victoria Broccolini; Vanessa Agostini; Reamerei; MM6; Intimissimi; Collanevrosi; Luciano Soprani
1 giorno 3 autunni21 giorno 3 autunni31 giorno 3 autunni41 giorno 3 autunni51 giorno 3 autunni61 giorno 3 autunni71 giorno 3 autunni81 giorno 3 autunni91 giorno 3 autunni101 giorno 3 autunni11
IMG_1706immagini hi res7immagini hi res8immagini hi res12immagini hi res16immagini hi res18immagini hi res20immagini hi res21immagini hi res9immagini hi res6immagini hi res14

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