Formerly knows as Eva Minaeva, 33 Magazine was granted a pre-listen of our cover star Loeil De La Mer’s initial music release “Horus” before it becomes available for everyone summer 2020.

Our perspective guides us, but one could say that these are dark timeswhere intelligence’s, both human and artificial, have the ability to manifest power which the meek can little comprehend- where viruses both biological and technical can bring down our systems in a few days if we do not safeguard. Until the release of Horus, music had yet to translate the 2020 experience into sound in the same way that Atari Teenage Riot or The Prodigy translated the digital advent to young Punks in Britain and Germany, or the way Salem communicated the United States murky opioid crisis that which was in bloom 10 years ago. Loeil De la Mer’s highly technical, digital-hazy track delivers the current mindscape while finally connecting dark techno with the best facets of Hip-Hop, ensuring to leave out all the parts of music that the youth is tired of. 


Tell me why I should be listening to your upcoming release “Horus”

I produced it just for you, and for everyone else who is curious about a new, more intellectual approach to music; Music has always been the driving creative force within me, and I am using it now to amass a following of the youth for which I will decide later what to do with.

If you had to define a mother and father of your music genre, who would those artists be?

It would be a mix of dark techno and post-Eurodance turned to bleak minimalism. Are you familiar with Mano Le Tough or Easter? I’d say they’ve influenced me more than any other.

What is your preferred psychedelic – and tell me the song or album you prefer to listen to while in this state.

LSD certainly while listening to this album by The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble.

What does it mean to be free?

To speak when you want to speak, and to travel when you want to travel. 

Do you feel free?

No I don’t feel free completely – it’s very hard to feel free when you’re aware that all your data is controlled and your public word is controlled to the degree that you will be de-platformed from social media for stepping outside content norms. I ponder the post-social media world often as we are seeing the decline of trust in these platforms due to the publics’ disillusion from them.

As an immigrant to many countries, do you feel the world is safe, and getting safer, or dangerous and becoming more treacherous?

Well, the world becomes safer the fewer risks you take; the fewer risks you take, the less you live. 


Is it true that Gucci designed their entire collection around you for two years?

Ha, yes, but who really cares about all that now? I was glad to step into my own life outside of the restrictions shallowness of the luxury frenzy. I am glad that people are less inclined to mindlessly spend money on an “it” bag that within 3 months becomes dated. 

Can you tell us more about Lead+Develop?

Yes of course, I am so glad you asked. Lead+Develop is the post-talent agency, more like a creative collective of young people lead by my longtime managers. Working with them is less like signing a contract and being told what to do, and more like being part of a government psyop, their technology and methods of intrigue are different. It’s new and exciting.

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