Miami Influencer YESSENIA ANDRADE Stands True To Her Convictions

The 22 year years old Miami native, Yessenia Andrade is growing her instagram one good product at a time. In a world with most influencers take a product or campaign just to gain exposure, Yessenia has a different take on increasing her following and insights.

Although her goal is to be a model one day, she is taking the instagram platform with a grain of salt. She is very creative and feels that is her number one attribute on creating the best content for a brand. Because of her attention to detail, the brand is always left happy because she puts her best into everything she does. 

As with any brand deal or prospect, Yessenia makes sure she and the brand are cohesive, if she feels it’s not the right fit, she respectfully declines the offer.

“If it’s something I’m completely not interested in, I kindly say I’m not interested because if my heart isn’t into it, it will show in the brand images. If it’s something that can be negotiated, I present my ideas to them.”


This is a rarity in today’s social media influencer world which in turn can shine those who truly love creating campaigns a bad light. Yessenia promotes herself by guaranteeing the brand happiness and making it known their suggestions are welcomed. Another attribute for any growing social media influencer is being consistent. Being consistent has given the best success in Yessenia’s growth.


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