Simon Cracker Resort 2021 #MILANODIGITALWEEK

Simon Cracker Resort 2021 Collection: A search for real things, stories and experiences that keep my feet on the ground. 

After spending a period of time in front of a screen to communicate, I want to rediscover the contact, the scent of a home, the warmth of people.

I love people and I feed on fragments of life that others share with me.

I brought my collection into their homes or, in some cases, I delivered the garments and waited for each of them to live it and interpret it their own way.

We are used to being told how to wear our clothes, to follow trends. And without realizing it we are part of a series.

– simone botte, creative director of simon cracker

We live in times where nothing in particular is going. We are in the chaos of trends and in a vortex of different styles, but in this confusion being yourself is the coolest thing.

I therefore wanted to complete my collection together with the people who would wear it, leaving them the freedom to interpret and combine the garments in an environment that is comfortable for them.

words by Simone Botte, Creative Director of SIMON CRACKER



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