VOR Make-Up: a preview of the brand’s new advertising campaign

VOR Make Up: the brand presented a preview of the brand’s new international campaign, which reflects its evolution.

On the occasion of the imminent restyling of the site, the launch of new projects, the international development already underway, the VOR Make Up brand presented a preview of the mood and idea of ​​the new world campaign.

VOR Make Up, in the figure of its founder Valeria Orlando, emphasizes the personality, the uniqueness of each person, their experience, their soul, their essence.

A world shaped by stories and experiences that, like in a relay race, cross spaces, times, places and generations. The external beauty becomes the mirror of an internal well-being, of daily gestures which, with make-up and quality products, color the days, the laughter, the complicity between similar but unique people.

The skin as a wrapper that holds sensations collected over time but that remain young forever.

From this suggestion the shots of the new campaign were born, featuring Marta Riello and Veronica Bergamini: mother and daughter, united by the subtle thread of timeless beauty and which are metaphor of every woman, of the perfect and natural vision of the brand. Under the motto of “Give Love First” love and passion are inalienable prerogatives for those who see beauty not only as an absolute value, but as an external side of their spirituality. VOR Make Up allows anyone to express their concept of beauty. In everyday life, every woman has the right to feel unique by showing emotions and moods through her look.

The development of the brand also passes through an important element linked to its presence on the market. The sale of products, now exclusively available in e-commerce, will also be available in selected shops, salons and centers from autumn. The innovative tool that was presented by VOR Make Up is the “secret box”: a selection of 29 ideal products for each make-up, accompanied by 58 products available immediately for resale. Salons, make-up artists or interested centers can immediately contact the brand.

VOR Make Up for people with healthy uniqueness.


Are you interested in becoming a VOR Beauty Expert + work with us? Do you want to combine image consulting with your services? Do you want to expand your customers’ pool by having an App available that highlights that you are one of our stores and can be geolocated? VOR has created packages that combine training, products and experience. The Box allows, at first, to acquire knowledge of the products and from September to work with VOR MAKE-UP as sales assistant where the product is present. With the 58 resale products included in the offer in addition to the 29 in the Box, you can start marketing the products, in doing so not only does the initial investment pay off but there is immediately an extra profit!

Email us at info@vormakeup.com

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