George Gretton reveals his debut EP ‘Floods’

Hailing from Nottingham, the artist, producer and multi-instrumentalist, George Gretton, shares the innovative and captivating self-produced five track body of work. 

Listen on Spotify HERE

Speaking on the release, EP Gretton explained:

“I produced these tracks over the last year, and each one of them sort of touches on my feelings towards a different person in my life.  It feels kind of unfiltered and honest, which is quite scary to share!

For example, I wrote “Walk” while weighing up the different ways to try to help a friend who was going through a lot, knowing you don’t always have the answers. I was walking really late, the concept built up around this walk I was on. I made the beat that night, and used a recording of my walk at the start and end of the song. I’ve always wanted to make a song that was perfect for a late-night walk home with headphones, where all you can hear is your steps and a few cars in the distance. “Walk” was my attempt at that.  I basically just hope some people can immerse themselves in it as much as I have.“


Check out a flawless live session of  ‘Walk’ live on Youtube here.  Gretton’s genre bending style has already bagged him support from a wealth of tastemaker press including COLORS, Notion, Clash and Complex UK and more.  Next week will see him headline a sold out show at the Metronome in Nottingham for the BBC at the second indoor test gig to run in the UK.

A multi-instrumentalist, George Gretton creates entirely DIY experimental left -pop. Championing the Nottingham music scene, Gretton has a growing reputation for expansive arrangements and fitful drum samples.

You’d be wise to keep an eye on George Gretton in the upcoming months.


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