With her lilac fur, pink claws and feisty production skills, legendary London producer Jasmin Tadijiky with her brand new project Lil Yahama. Today, you can watch the official video for “Love Like a Jungle” provides all the evidence of a true artist with individuality at the centre at the core of who she is.   Lil Yamaha is Jasmin reclaiming the teddy bear narrative for herself, don’t let her plushy appearance fool you, she’s bringing hard beats and an even harder flow.

I was in an on and off relationship with a 🐻 overseas and it was so hard with everyone getting involved in our relationship” Tadijiky explains, continuing “I really felt like it was us against the world. When you have love you feel invincible and I wanted to write something that made him and I feel better knowing that through thick and thin we have each other. ”

– lil yamaha

A big hitter behind the scenes, before her transformation into this new alter-ego, Lil Yahama grew up classically training on the piano before cutting her teeth in her bedroom studio. Discovering UK garage and the treasure trove of early Soundcloud treats pushed her into honing her skills behind the desk as just a young cub to create the shapeshifter sound you hear here now. 


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