Fashion Presentation With Show Elements, September 27 and 28, Palazzo Visconti

The fashion industry is facing big challenges not only from the production chain, but also consumer demand. Last six months have rapidly changed the way we perceive fashion. As a result of the tremendous chaos and fear many countries chose to close their external borders in an effort to slow the pandemic. From its first day Emerging Talents Milan gathered outstanding international brands, building up bridges between cultures and creating new possibilities for creative minds. This season is very important for our designers and us, as the biggest strength of mankind lies in unwavering unity. By joining our forces and inspiring each other we can impact the world in some way and make it a better place for all of us.” – says Ruslan Evseev, Creative Director Emerging Talents Milan


Sy&Vie | Maya Seyferth | My Lovely Bags | Kattan 21

viagolaquattro Creative Space with

Artuyt Silk | Olesya Sakhro | Otkutyr Fashion House | Uriel Saenz

Sy & Vie

With new pieces, the handbag brand explores new connections through new materials. In such an atypical year, Sy & Vie wants to retrieve the experience of touch and everyday joy. The handbag brand brings a series of colorful experiments with unexpected materials in its new creations, ranging from the rustic nature of coconut straw to the freshness of the beach sand. The bags and clutches signed by Sylvie Quartara continue to materialize the artist’s passion for artisanal methods and an appreciation for details, combining ancient craftsmanship techniques with a genuinely Brazilian look. Sy & Vie brings 12 new pieces created from a meticulous artisanal production process, which lasts at least 140 hours for each bag. They use ancient techniques, such as marquetry and carving, to modern-day processes, such as 3D printing. As with all the other pieces, the new creations are part of the five thematic Sy & Vie universes: Animalis, Folhata, Habitat, Terrara, and Simetrís. 

Credits: Anna Minaeva

MAYA SEYFERTH intertwines different cultural inspirations in her designs. Maya is a German Designer with Georgian roots and blends powerful feminism expressed in strong colors, creative tailoring and demure yet confident appearance. After having spent years in Hamburg, Paris and Zurich, the basic idea of taking inspiration from her diverse travels and cultural experiences remains. As a result her design can be worn for a vast array of occasions, bringing glamour to any style whether it be in office, at a festive dinner, or simply out and about. Maya Seyfeth’s designs tell a cohesive story, the kind that communicated a visual metaphor of unison between the fragility, femininity and incomparable strength of women and creating beautiful garments that not only provoked aesthetic but also provoked emotions, with this collection the very talented designer draws inspiration from the sun-Its lights, its colors and energy embraced an attitude of sexuality, charged by an inherent knowledge of the foundations of looking good. In Maya’s words “Let us feel more of luxury every day. The fairytale fabrics do not have to wait long for the occasion and have to hide in the closet, but can often be worn to be felt and loved. Combine and recreate your style as you like”.

Credits: Anna Minaeva


My Lovely Bag is a fashion brand that designs and handcrafts a large range of quality handbags for women, as well as purses, backpacks, and other accessories. This is a brand of vision and excellence that creates items beyond current trends. Marija Perić, Creative Director, with her team of 20 women, creates bags that women adore. This season the designer presented her ss21 collection inspired by the diversity of women’s character: full of bright colors, different shapes with the accent on unusual materials, and details. 

All bags are made of vegan leather with exclusive and unique metal buckles from women to women all around the world incorporating dreams, visions, and creativity. Discover a whole new universe where design and fashion go hand in hand with empowering women.

Credits: Anna Minaeva


Lana Barham, the founder and Creative Director of Kattan21, is the first-ever designer from Kurdistan, Iraq who showcases her SS21 at Milan Fashion Week. After completing her Postgraduate studies she participated in several conferences in the USA on Women’s rights. Since a young age, Lana was fascinated by fashion and was dreaming to launch her own line in Iraq. With no support, she managed to deliver her first runway in Iraq after 2 years of constant work and effort, winning the first prize from Rwanga Foundation.  

Kattan21 SS21 collection is inspired by colours of nature and early narcissus flowers in Kurdistan. Lana’s woman is independent, yet very shy and romantic, who believes that everything is possible, and dreams can definitely become true one day. 

Credits: Anna Minaeva


The newly launched @viagolaquattro creative space and concept store is a unique destination for the talented designers and high-end brands to grow their presence in Italy, and to have an exclusive opportunity to sell directly to the final clients.

For the Milan Fashion Week SS’21 @viagolaquattro presented the following brands:


Artuyt was founded to make Armenian art known worldwide. The brand creates scarves with Armenian artist’s paintings and collages. By the help of beautiful and unique scarves, one is given the chance to discover exquisite artefacts of the Armenian culture – beginning from the medieval times to the modern abstractionism.



Born as an embroidery artist, Olesya Sakhro has developed her own patented technique. Since 2016, Olesya creates extraordinary and unique handbags. To imagine, one bag can take up to 3 months to complete! Vivid colours, art elements, combination of leather and embroidery, high level of craftsmanship bring the bags to “haute couture” level.

Credits: Anna Minaeva

OTKUTYR Fashion House is dedicated to presenting the best of Saudi artists on an international level since its grand opening in 2011. By combining the expertise and resources of the fashion house with designers’ artistic vision, the brand has been successful in showcasing the best of contemporary Saudi fashion on a global scale. The Saudi fashion house celebrates its 10th Anniversary at Milan Fashion Week presenting 10 outstanding pieces. In the continuous effort to represent and embody slow fashion; leftover crystals off the fashion house’s floor were repurposed for the hand embroidery and embellishments of the runaway pieces. Moreover, in maintaining the ethos of zero waste, motifs from previous collections were also repurposed. The pieces have evolved in their own right; as gowns were transformed into suits, tops into bodysuits, and ball gowns into campy jackets. The collection includes timeless colors such as black, red, and a combination of black and white with a splash of bold color such as fuchsia.


UREIL SAENZ is an international fashion designer presents his Spring Summer 2021 collection “Madre”, a tribute to his mother who recently passed away of a cancer. “My mother, who taught me how to sew, at the early age of 5 years old showed me that fit and attention to details was the most important thing in creating fashion.” -says Uriel. “My approach to design is grounded in my purpose to raise awareness about the issues impacting the world. As the world evolves, seemingly faster every day, we are increasingly embracing how alike we all really are and have shared global values and social ideals. I aim for my collections to serve as a vehicle to highlight those universal ideas that can bring all peoples together.” Saenz’s approach to fashion intertwines with his vision for his company, “showcasing the changing American Lifestyle, celebrating the contributions that make it unique, and honoring similarities.” Saenz couture collection “Reflections” has been seen and praised at the Louvre Museum in Paris, and the Collection “Violence” has brought an awareness to the many men and women facing domestic violence.

Production: Taerus PR

Head Fashion Stylist: Russ Ev

Head of Hair: Antonio Iengo

Head of Makeup: Valeria Orlando

Makeup and Beauty Products: VOR Makeup, Primera Perfumes, Gli Elementi

Shoes Partner: Unisa

Lighting Setup: Family Studio SRL

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