Millie Turner’s new single ‘Eye of the Storm.’

Having started the year with support from NME, BBC Introducing and more, today Millie Turner announces her second single of 2020: ‘Eye of the Storm’.

Written after a 24-hour plane ride to the other side of the world, and full of the mix of wide-eyed excitement and slight bewilderment that comes from such a huge trip, it marks the 19-year-old songwriter out as a new pop star of nuance – one who can mix soaring euphoria and understated subtlety in the same, attention-grabbing four minutes.  

The track is also the title song of Turner’s forthcoming mixtape on March 19th, 2021.

Watch Eye of the Storm’s video:

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Of the track, Millie states: “The entire process of writing it was a blur amongst illness, homesickness, heartache and jet lag, but for me, that’s the beauty of the song. The eye of the storm is a focus point amidst the storm where everything around you feels out of control and chaotic, which is what I wanted to capture in the urgency of the drums and the chorus.  There’s something beautiful about chaos when you have that focal point of calm that you can grow from.”

Like everyone, Millie’s year has taken something of a chaotic turn – she was just about to head out on tour with leftfield pop phenomenon Tove Lo when Covid struck. But, much like the message of her latest release, the singer has found a different point of focus in the interim months and now comes ‘Eye of the Storm’ – a track to file next to the sparkling youthful joy of Sigrid, or the cathartic emotional purging of Lorde, and one that should find a whole host of eyes on Millie Turner before too long.