#FutureSounds: Sasha Belyaeva leads music’s ascension into the 4th Revolution as she prepares for her next release

#FutureSounds: Sasha Belyaeva leads music’s ascension into the 4th Revolution as she prepares for her next release. 

Sasha Belyaeva is a Russian musician and social artist who is known for her unconventional and secretive performances which utilize augmented and virtual reality as well as other cognitive technologies to enhance the musical experience.

33 Magazine was granted a short interview with Sasha Belyaeva while in her studio.

She foretold of the new wave of innovation in music and society and how her music is being used as the catalyst for the music industry’s technical ascension.

Credits: Photography Nick Tsiro | Graphic Design Inna Sh | Hair Stylist Drew Schaefering

Fans can also expect upcoming collaborations with Liam Howe, whose initial success was earned as a founding member of the 90’s British experimental Trip-Hop group the Sneaker Pimps. Liam’s more recent successes have come from producing Lana Del Rey, FKA Twigs, Adele, and Ellie Goulding’s initial releases.

33 Magazine: The post covid-era music listeners have been patient while waiting for artists to find new mediums for music experience, it seems you have found the way forward.

Sasha Belyaeva: I’d rather say it has found me this time. 

Credits: Photography Nick Tsiro | Graphic Design Inna Sh | Hair Stylist Drew Schaefering

33 Magazine: Change has found everyone lately. Would you say that change is always for the best?

Sasha Belyaeva: Change can be a somber thought if you are somber; an exciting one if you are excited. 

33 Magazine: I would agree with that. How would you say the music industry and listener have changed this year? 

Sasha Belyaeva: Well, an activated world leads to more purposeful music. This we can all be more thankful for. 

33 Magazine: What are fans expecting?

Sasha Belyaeva: Truly strange and beautiful experiences. 

33 Magazine: Why did you keep all of your performances secret for the first year of your career?

Sasha Belyaeva: I’ve mentioned mystery previously. It allowed me to connect with my fans sub-conscious. They immerse themselves into something they could not bring anyone else to, you see I’ve made sure each person received a personal experience at my shows thus far. We find this route to be interesting, would you not agree? Releasing a song for the sake of gathering listens no longer intrigued me as well, frankly, I began to resent contrasting data and stream counts to my work and have instead focused on perfecting the live experience. 

Credits: Photography Nick Tsiro | Graphic Design Inna Sh | Hair Stylist Drew Schaefering

33 Magazine: Can you tell us about your social media activation work?

Sasha Belyaeva: Yes, ESPEON. They built technology that can activate the public on social media instantly. They initially developed social campaigns such as the 2006 Los Angeles Student Walkouts.

33 Magazine: Instant social media activation sounds almost too fast for comfort. 
How did you begin to work with them?

Sasha Belyaeva: Almost too fast…Suppose we’ve always worked with them. My business partner Joseph Villanueva has been leading the ESPEON team since it started and I have spent much of the last few months working as a digital analyst for the team. 

33 Magazine: What does the word ESPEON Mean?

Sasha Belyaeva: The age of extra-sensory perception. 

Credits: Photography Nick Tsiro | Graphic Design Inna Sh | Hair Stylist Drew Schaefering

33 Magazine: Direct 33 Magazine readers to 3 intriguing discoveries. [In case of a second lockdown]. Ps. Mystery is always interesting. 

1. Are you familiar with the theremin? I’ve discovered a Master Thereminist named Armen Ra whose body of work has been influential to me. 

2. Fantastic Planet 

3. 2042.io [Do not fear the Future]

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