Sustainable living is, of course, first and foremost about minimizing our material needs to begin with, but then also seeking durability and quality over quantity in the things we do end up purchasing. To support this, we introduced you our favorite online store APOLDIST from where you can get a sustainable shopping experience.

This environmentally driven store is mindful about reducing the use of excessive plastic packaging whenever possible and sourcing only consciously made and up-cycled garments and aims to make a change by highlighting ethics & aesthetics, and for the ones that need more, we are here to teach them how to choose better. For a unique & sustainable shopping experience, Apoldist offers a curated selection of curated designers, both emerging and established, young talents and students, some of whom work with sustainable fabrics but surely all of them are operating ethically.

Being the first sustainable shop of its kind, Apoldist offers its customers the possibility to buyback clothes with discounts, in exchange of their own used/vintage items that will later be up-cycled and found on the website available for purchasing, under the brand HOOLDRA.

CREDITS: Mitichi Production


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