Alt-pop sorcerer C’est Karma deals with sacrifice and struggle on new single “Industrial Salt”

Debut EP, Farbilm, out this Friday

Alt-pop sorcerer C’est Karma deals with sacrifice and struggle on new single “Industrial Salt”. It’s the latest track to be lifted from her forthcoming EP Farbfilm that is released this Friday. Ahead of its release, you can watch the official video for Industrial Salt.

For “Industrial Salt” her storytelling lens shifts outwards as she expertly blends acoustic and electronic soundscapes creating her most progressive track to date. “Industrial Salt is a musical and lyrical image of the pain and sacrifice behind migration,” she explains. “It tells the story of my own family, who left their home country, Portugal, to overcome poverty, escape fascism and build a better future in Luxembourg.

Give it a watch here;

This video explores the process of leaving an old life behind -a trace- to start a new one. Through escapism, the protagonist imagines this new life to be perfect , only to be confronted with the fact that it might not be what she was expecting. Her traces slowly disappear as she loses all familiarities with what used to be home.”

Fluent in seven languages, Farbfilm is the german word for colour film and across the EP’s five tracks we see Karma’s creative vision unfold in all its technicolour glory. From previously released singles “Fist Fight” and “Pool Party” to the new tracks, the EP came together as a living entity with its final tracks “Post” & “Paikea” written during the pandemic highlighting “the new perspectives I gained during these sad times.”

An experimental collection of work from an artist who is focused on her own growth and constantly bettering herself, “Industrial Salt” is the abrasive, yet spellbinding track at the very heart of C’est Karma’s world.


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