Pop songstress Liza Owen releases her brand new single and video for “Starry Eyed” via Epic / Black Butter.

Smashed glasses and self-destruction, smeared lipstick and late-night booty calls: welcome to the messy, imperfect, tear-stained, yet darkly glamorous world of bright young thing Liza Owen. 
Half Cambodian, half English, Liza Owen spins pop upside down and all around, with defiantly unfiltered lyrics, undeniable melodies and unapologetic grit. Originally breaking into the business writing songs for the likes of Selena Gomez and BTS, this summer she has quietly been putting her very own inimitable stamp on music, first with her fiery debut single “Why Aren’t We Having Sex?” in the summer, and then with her second single “Getting Good”, a grungy, 90s tinged rock beast which explored the lengths we go to lead ourselves down the wrong paths. Hardly the stuff of most lightweight pop confections, one might say. 
All of which brings us neatly to her latest single, “Starry Eyed”, a glittery, wildly infectious anthem in waiting in which Owen lists, in unflinching detail, her most self-destructive tendencies before musing on “suicides and strange addictions…shameless is the new religion” over soaring choruses and gloriously sparkly pop hooks. It also comes accompanied by a brilliant black and white video featuring Owen on the back of a motorbike, pushing boundaries while racing towards oblivion. The visual is directed by Dylan Brewer.

photo credit: Ryan Jay

 “Starry Eyed” was born at around 3am after staying up for 3 days straight at a writing trip with my crew ASL…it is a song about realizing that the dream is not as glamorous as people think it is – and neither is the road to get there. A lot of messed up things have happened to some of our icons but somehow we still want to be like them”.


 Owen has all the makings of a smart and deliciously subversive new star, one who stubbornly refuses to sand down her rough edges or present anything less than an image that is 100% authentic. In Owen’s own words: “I feel like my music is genuinely me. And all I want for my fans is to let them know that it’s okay to feel everything.”

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