YATAY, the first cruelty free bio sneaker made in Italy

YATAY, founded in 2018 by Umberto De Marco, president of Coronet Spa – an Italian company pioneer in the production of ecological materials – is a luxury sneaker brand that combines craftsmanship quality and ethical resources to create exceptional footwear, with a minimal design and chic allure .

Handmade in Italy and developed to drastically reduce the impact on the ecosystem, the shoes are made with eco-friendly products, including cruelty free materials (bio-polyols, polymers extracted from cereals and corn, wood, rubber and recycled plastic ) and advanced technologies, combining lasting comfort with impeccable style. YATAY is carbon-zero innovation, sustainable production, ethical practices and innovative materials.

Yatay, unisex sneaker with a refined and sober silhouette, developed in both low-top and high-top versions, they adapt to the dynamic lifestyle of contemporary men and women. Yatay’s mission to reduce, recycle, return and recycle is also practiced through the Yatay Forest campaign, which aims to safeguard the environment and offset the emissions produced by planting a tree for each pair of Yatay sold https://www.yatayatay. com/it .

YATAY, the first cruelty free bio sneaker made in Italy, does not give up on style and comfort. “Walk a better path” anytime, anywhere Not only outdoors, but also at home, whether it’s smartworking or time-off, dress up and wear your Yatay.

Yatay is a naturally different sneaker, made with specially developed ecological materials and innovative components that offer uncompromising quality and respect for the environment. Made entirely by hand in Italy, according to Italian craftsmanship techniques, they are good for the planet and for us, accompanied by a distinctive packaging with the exclusive Yatay box with Backgammon set.

Yatay is innovation, sustainable production, ethical practices and revolutionary materials, as well as being synonymous with impeccable style and absolute comfort, thanks to the characteristics of breathability, elasticity, flexibility and lightness, resistance to abrasion. The insoles are cushioned, antimicrobial and thermo-breathable, but above all the Yatay are machine washable, as often as you want. For this not only outdoors, but also in moments at home, whether it’s smartworking or time-off, and why not, this Christmas, dress up, wear your favorite Yatay, Irori, Neven – low and high – among the many color versions .

Yatay, faithful in everything to its mission, has also reinvented traditional packaging by making the cover a Backgammon board, so as not to throw away even the box. All the elements of the game, dice, pawns, the small bio-leather bag that contains them, are made with the waste of biomaterials used in the production process, to share special moments with the family and at home even at Christmas.

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