COBRAH  is an incredible Stockholm based multi-disciplinary artist;  a producer,   singer,  visual director,  creating breathtaking dark,  throbbing electro-pop,  think Peaches meets Chicks On Speed meets Shygirl,  and her visuals marry fetish,  animé,  cosplay fantasy shot through a hyper-real lens.  She is part of a thriving,  queer underground scene,  putting music out on her own GAG BALL imprint and has toured with the likes of Charli XCX. 

Today, Stockholm multi-hyphenate artist COBRAH returns in full force with pulsating new single ‘DIP N DRIP’, a dark and propulsive cyberpunk reflection on the age of technology. Drenched in metallic textures, its industrial nature and futuristic bounce are met with COBRAH’s rapid-fire vocals as title of the song repeatedly rolls off her tongue. But the magic of ‘DIP N DRIP’ is that all is not what it first appears, “it’s not actually sexual at all,” says COBRAH. “It’s more about how the struggle is real, how much of a fight it is to do all of this by myself.” 


Photo credit: Ninja Hanna 

When COBRAH dropped single ‘IDFKA’ in 2019, it was met with rave reviews; paired with a Swedish Grammi-nominated video that lent a striking visual language to the song’s lyrical struggle for self-acceptance, it marked the arrival of a vivid new voice on the Swedish music scene. When she moved to Stockholm, the producer,  singer,  songwriter and visual artist immersed herself in the city’s queer and fetish scenes, a crucial breeding ground for the songs that would go on to form her thrillingly subversive and breathtakingly fresh debut EP, ICON, released via her own GAGBALL imprint. The five-track release was a deeply personal thirteen-minute, club-ready tour-de-force,  celebrated by taste-makers,  radio DJs and peers such as Charli XCX,  who joined her onstage when she performed in the Swedish capital in 2019.
With ‘DIP N DRIP’, COBRAH is on a new path of self-confidence and is ready to dominate,   expect to hear much more in the coming months.

Here some of her past key videos – there is a cybernetic vibe to the visual narrative too:


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