Left Field Messiah’s new song “Young Libertine” covers everything from Oscar Wilde to The Rapture

Left Field Messiah‘s new song “Young Libertine,” covers everything from Oscar Wilde to The Rapture. The wrote it staring at a volcano covered in snow, dreaming of hot lava. 🌋 

After the release of “Fuzz Machine,” “Young Libertine” is a groovy track that that bring us inside a psychedelic journey and what a journey! This track was the perfect background of a magic evening inside our studio and from ”Young Libertine” we took a journey inside ”Fuzz Machine” and ”AM Moonlight”, convince yourself with a click here: https://linktr.ee/leftfieldmessiah

Watch the official “Young Libertine” music video on YouTube now.

Young Libertine” was an important moment for us because we landed on a new shade of LFM blue, combining early 90s hip hop tones and soul dance melodies splashed with some nice 80s pop moments. This is a song of firsts – rhyming libertine with figurine and x-ray machine with screen – and while our productions have been referred to as “maximalist,” this is one of our more restrained moments.

” “Young Libertine” came from a guitar line Erik was noodling that Jeremy flipped as he started playing along on the mellotron, adding some crazy chords as he always does. It’s one of the songs on In Praise of Bombast that still evokes such a strong sense of place and time for us. We were taking daily trips to a coffee shop next to an incredible antique store. The owner is a poet (Craig Wilson Ruttle) and wrote a book that inspired the name of our record. We picked up all types of treasures there from old magazines, to a book of nursery rhyme 45 records and this strange thing called a light box, that Steve put multi-coloured lights inside that we had on while recording. It lent this magical sense of nostalgia to the sessions.”


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