JìJì is the perfect mix of mini works of art inside a timeless aesthetic dimension with clean lines that incorporate unique materials such as freshwater pearls, shells, natural stones, glass beads in a contemporary design that is equal parts playful and modern.

Luxury is fun and approachable with JìJì and you can preserve its jewelry inside your personal box or diary for generations, as each piece has an unique design and is hand-made in Italy. The young bijoux brand combines tradition and contemporaneity.

JìJì the first word that the founder, Carlotta, pronounced as a child, was born to bring back a light and childish dimension of existence. 

We had several questions for Carlotta about how she started out JìJì , what it’s like running her own business and how she’s growing it:

Describe yourself in five words.

Ironic, shy, demanding, perfectionist, lonely.

How JÌJÌ was born?

JÌJÌ was born in February 2020 following a dark period in my life. I felt the need to download the discomfort I was feeling and turn it into something positive.

It’s really challenging to design jewelry nowadays, tell us how exactly do you manage the creative process?

My creative process happens very naturally. I usually start from the needs of everyday life: I wonder if, when and why I would wear a certain piece. Then I proceed with the search for the material that happens instinctively. The only diktat that I respect is the practicality that every single item must have.


What was the biggest challenge in the launch of JÌJÌ?

I remember that it was challenging to understand how to set up the graphic part of the project: thinking of something simple, but not trivial, I think it is always difficult.

What is the main impact of social media nowadays for both shoppers and brand marketing?

Social media are strongly conditioning for the achievement of the success of a particular brand. The image is everything and social networks have become real showcases. Today anyone uses them for work, leisure or just curiosity. At this time then probably some young people of the Z Generation are posting content on a social network that is still unknown to us.


What’s your favorite and non-favorite part of being a part of this industry?

The part that stimulates me is the freedom that I can allow myself, while what I don’t like is the often unfair competition.

If you could go back and tell you one thing before starting your career, what would it be?

 “Study to become a cosmetic surgeon”.

Can you tell us how your brand makes the difference?

JÌJÌ was created to tickle the classic aesthetic made up of hyper-used and now trivialized materials. The key pieces of the brand are in fact the necklace of the Mix or Insomnia model, which play down the classic pearl necklace by mixing completely different elements.

Can you describe in a few words the personality of JÌJÌ’s client?

The JÌJÌ client is often ironic, flexible, creative and open-minded.

How do you choose the specific message for each piece?

The words included – as in the “Playful” collection – are often provocative and reflect some aspects of life that we tend to hide. Not all, for example, are positive and cheerful (see Insomnia, Kiss Me Hard, Highest or Stressed). I have seen too often wearing accessories printed on “Smile” just because, probably and always, society expects us to be beautiful, happy, serene or wealthy and satisfied. As far as I’m concerned, I want to feel free to be depressed, paranoid, sad, stressed and serenely wear a necklace with the word Stressed and then, paradoxically, laugh about it. JÌJÌ was born with this goal, to lighten things.

Is there an important person in your life who pushes and motivates you to believe in yourself?

Ambition and my psychotherapist.

How do you want your customers to feel when they wear JÌJÌ and on what occasions can they be worn?

Certainly at ease. I create very different models, essential, playful or richer in details. For me, jewelery is a versatile accessory: it does not respect the particular moments of the day and adapts to coexist with other pieces, even – and above all – of high jewelery.

Would you like to involve other brands in your future projects? What do you think of the concept of CO-BRANDING?

Yes, it happened in July 2020 with the Milanese agency We Are Lovers or the beauty brand OUSIA Fragranze, with whom I created a summer capsule. In principle, being very individualistic, I prefer to work alone, but I am aware that sharing creativity gives a lot of satisfaction.




What do you think is the biggest challenge regarding your career?

With JÌJÌ it is to continuously renew oneself to stimulate me first and then those who follow my project with interest.

How do you think JÌJÌ can play an important role in sustainability?

JÌJÌ was not born with sustainability in mind, but it certainly prefers natural materials. It will soon replace the letters in acetate with those in glass, while as regards the packaging it uses only paper and silk or cotton bags to keep the bijoux.

Where can we buy JÌJÌ online?

You can buy JÌJÌ by sending a private message on the Instagram page (@jiji_gioielli) or an email. For those who love traditional shopping, on the other hand, JÌJÌ is on sale at La Rinascente in Milan and Florence.

Imagine having to write a letter to yourself about the future. What would you write?

I find it hard to think of the ‘Carlotta of tomorrow’ because I am convinced that the concept of the future is elusive and non-existent: a little bit like this instant moment.

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