Yang Yahan, a POLIMODA student in fashion styling, presents PSYCHO IMAGINATION. Yang wants to explore the mental pressure in today’s society.

People nowadays, from the pressure of life, the pressure from the society, the pressure from the people around us, we can’t release our emotions. Too many things imprison us, we cannot escape the rules, which drives many people crazy. We live very depressed. Most people have some spiritual problems, we have to let go of these emotions, we have to break the rules that imprison us.I’m talking about the mental illness around me, these are the things I’ve seen before. Every look represents a kind of disease. Some people live in the darkness, some collapse ,some go crazy, some want to run away, some choose to die. My story revolves around these three diseases: bipolar disorder, depression. anxiety disorder.


If the sky is dark, then survive in the dark; if it is dangerous to make a sound, then remain silent; if there is no way to change, then go to the corner. 

Photography Giuseppe Terilli + Yang Yahan

Makeup + Hair Ye Biyu

Styling + Art direction Yang Yahan

Models Zhang Mi + Eshaan + Gianni


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