Our fashion story is inspired by the Scene/Emo kids era. We wanted to show how the scene kids turned out to be in the future (3021). We have used mostly dark looks and pieces to give a glimpse of the scene kids gothic fashion sense and how they improved it with sticking up with the whole style. Since the fashion, trends and different styles improves by the time so fast, with our imagination and vision, this is how they could turned out to be. Fashion is something that you should not be following. Style represents your personality. You should improve it by the time. The limit is not exist. You can be whoever you want to be. You can wear whatever you want to wear. Clothes is the way that creates trends. And trends leads to whole fashion industry. Since a piece of fabric can runs the whole system, why not use it in a way that you can give a message and change the game!


Creative direction and styling @berkerkusku

Photography @ferdademir_


Hair Style @diarseker

Videographer @imarsalank | 3D artist @minapulative

Nails by @miraymeralkarakaya

Styling assistant @necatiozkutlu

Lighting @oguzkandemir | Music @grenzenlo5

Models @mikensoten @kami_bebek @jxa.quin

Fashion: Ali Koc, @highfab_, @urbanoutfitters , @dollskill , @newgirlorderuk


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