Enby life of 21st-century Vampires

In the proposed shooting called “Enby life of 21st-century Vampires” (enby from the abbreviation of ‘NB’), we try to create an interesting style based on the union of vampire mythology and contemporary transgender and non-binary realities. This demonstrates that beauty lies in plurality, particularity and diversity of each one. In this styling, in fact, the proposal goes beyond the concept of fashion because it gives voice, visibility and a sense of integration to all those who do not feel adequate to the environment around them, promoting a more harmonious and profound concession with themselves and with the world.

Photography Metelkin Mikhail @mtk_digital_photography

Styling Elias Vescovi @eliasvescovi

Beauty + Hair by Giorgia Lecce @giorgialecce – Nataly Bargan @natalybargan – Yuliya Zykova @yulechkazykova

Models: Omar @omyfall, Jeremy @chinokami and Andrea Bocelli @bocelliandrea

Fashion + Accessories by

Lorenzo Seghezzi @lorenzoseghezzi – INAN Studio @inan_studio – ANAME @anameofficial – Odor @atelierodor – TPN @s2bpress – Giorgia Andreazza @giorgiandreazza – Jimmy Choo @jimmychoo- Stacy @stacy__wear – Oakley @oakley – Made For A Woman @madeforawoman – Burberry @burberry – Moschino @moschino – ODI ODI @odi_odi_official – Red Zone @nobshowroom – NIKI SIGNORETTI (@niki.signoretti – ASOS Design @asos


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