When she was only 15 years old, Anamarija knew she will become well-known as a designer who celebrates woman’s beauty in the best way, her collections are very romantic and always adored by women who want to feel good and sensual in their own skin. 

For her last collection, ‘BACK TO THE ROOTS’, the designer made timeless pieces that are carefully made and who are showing designer’s aesthetics in best way. Inspired by tradition and the hidden details of the beauty of rural life. The collection is woven from carefully coordinated materials that breathe life into fashion practicality and femininity. You can feel the strong influence of tradition intertwined with the already familiar naval flair and delicate colors.

Filled with vibrant prints and the finest materials, the new collection is unquestionably already on the list of many women. Playing with black, purple, green and yellow, she also played with volume, construction and length of the clothes! „Good material is the most important tool for a designer, I wanted that each part of this collection has his own story and of course that it looks good on a woman!“ – said famous designer from Croatia. Anamarija’s nostalgia towards past royal times is also seen in accessorize where she made unusual hats and gloves that fit perfectly. Some of the material used in the collection are American satin and silk. 

Talented Croatian designer Anamarija Asanović and her brand AA will debut on upcoming Emerging Talents Milan 5th Anniversary

Asanović will present collection on the runaway show at Emerging Talents Milan next to outstanding designers from all over the world at Palazzo Visconti with Spring-Summer 2022 collection which is inspired by King of High Fashion, Louis XIV, the first Royal who brought  style to Europe recognized fashion’s propaganda value as well as its economic importance, and he was deeply invested in establishing the technical and aesthetic superiority of France’s clothing and textile industries. Through prints, fashion plates, and his own oft-reproduced image, he set the standard of elegant dress and deportment throughout Europe.

Interview with Anamarija Asanović

How fashion industry helped and motivated you to become a fashion designer?
I didn’t need fashion industry to motivate me, as I knew this was my calling since I was a child. I used to dress and style my dolls. 

Can you describe your client’s personality in few words?
My clients are strong and confident women. They know what they want from life. Often they are business owners. One thing in common for all my clients is their elegance and feminine style. They love my design because if allows them to feel feminine. 

What do you think about the opportunity of selling your products on online platforms, you think it might be a good showcase for your work and your future? 
I think selling online is a great opportunity to present my products to a wider audience. I am currently in the process of making a webshop and am very excited about it! My products will be available worldwide for delivery. 

What does the fashion industry need more to grow up and what can be done better for this?
Fashion industry needs to give more space and opportunity to new, young designers, to express their ideas and challenge existing fashion trends. 

What is the long-term goal for your brand and what is the main mission? 
My goal is to keep promoting the strenght of female power and feminine style through my design. From business perspective, I would like to see my brand getting more visibilty in a global fashion scene.

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