ZAAM is a brand of contemporary Bags, Leather Goods and Garments , yet with a touch of vintage, known for its luxe appeal, and urban aesthetic. It all started with the Geometrical Basic Women Bags collection that was launched in June 2012 by Egyptian designer, Ahmed Azzam.


Azzam is self-taught and what really drives him is the passion for creating bags of superior quality that reflect his unique take on art and life. Each piece is individually handmade in his workshop in Cairo, and they represent the outcome of a thorough process of research, styling and creation of both forms and materials.

PHOTO CREDITS: Katerina Larniani

Azzam received an award for Egypt’s Best Bag Designer of the year in 2015. ZAAM handbags are currently available in Egypt, UAE and Korea and deliver worldwide :


Describe yourself as a creative and how your label was born? 

ZAAM is a brand of contemporary leather clutches and handbags, yet with a touch of vintage known for its luxe appeal and urban aesthetic. It all started with the geometrical structured women bags collection that was launched in 2012.

I always try to address the witty and cosmopolitan woman, she is not defined by her home country or cultural upbringing. How do you manage the creativity process exactly as it’s really challenging nowadays in fashion industry?

”I believe the creativity process is not challenging if the designer has a clear and strong based concept and brand identity.”


The designs should be coping with the international fashion and trends but with respect to the brand identity and concept and I believe this is what differs the successful designer.

What is the most challenging issue in for an independent label ?

As an independent label with each phase we face different types of challenges, but some of the main challenges since we have our own production house as well is maintaining a level of quality that can compete with the international standards and be aware with all the new technologies in the leather goods industry.

Another challenge is how to properly present our designs to appeal with all the markets regional and international. 

What’s the main impact of social media in both ways, buying and brand marketing? 

Social media is everything, its the real display window nowadays to any brand, especially with whats happening with covid and that we had to spend almost a year in a lockdown. Having a good and strong social media was the only to keep connected with our clients.

Also having a strong social media is what attract buyers allover the world, having our own showroom in Egypt is not enough to attract buyers internationally.

How do you manage to choose your models in order to spread better the diversity issue through your label?

Choosing the models is part of a big process and building an idea and concept of the shoot. The model has to match the story behind the collection, actually not just the model but everything in the shoot from the models, makeup, hair, styling, location and art direction.

How do you think your label can play an important role in your daily client’s life?

I deal with my pieces as a piece of art, especially the bags with the gold plated brass which’s in most of our collections. We always try to create pieces that are outstanding and uplift anyones outfits. Also we try to have a full range of products that cover all day events.

What do you think about the opportunity of selling your pieces online nowadays?

We spent almost a year depending on our ecommerce website during covid time, so nowadays online shopping is everything and its the easiest way to reach customer and update them with all the new designs and collections.


Photo Credits: Katerina Larniani


luxe appeal + urban aesthetic by Ahmed Azzam

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