Valentina, known also as Valentina Keiko is a film, animal and travel lover.

She studied Creative Business in Netherlands and when the pandemic started, her natural and free spirit instantly caught the attention. More than 600k people are following her for her unfiltered and unique way of presenting her life and the things she is passionate about.

Photo credits: Ancira Adeon @anciraadeon


What makes you feel a sense of accomplishment every day – keeps you motivated, and boosts your confidence?

I have this phrase that I’ve been telling myself every day as soon as I open my eyes: “I just woke up in my best reality”. It always sets my mood for a great day.

Photo credits: Ancira Adeon @anciraadeon

Can you tell me about your TikTok? How did you start and how do you feel about growing and gaining so much exposure every day and where do you want to go with TikTok?

I posted my first TikTok video right when the pandemic hit. Everything was so confusing and at that point TikTok was the only thing that made sense to me. I kept posting myself ranting about random stuff from my mind, unfiltered. I think that’s what stood out to people. The fact that I wasn’t afraid to be me and I embraced everything that came with my personality.

I still have mixed feelings about the exposure that came with all of it. I had some periods in which +100k people followed my account weekly and assumed a bunch of things about me. The fact that some people think that they know who I am just because they’ve watched one of my TikToks is mind blowing to me. One thing I’ve learned on this platform is that people will always try to tell you who you are. But you’re not gonna pay attention to any of these comments if you know yourself and your worth.

I know my worth and I’m happy to share it. That’s the direction I’m taking things.

What makes you kinder? That opens you up and brings out the most loving, generous, and unafraid version of you?

Meeting good people. It’s so easy to feel alone and forget that there are good souls out there. Equal energy exchange helps me avoid feeling drained. So meeting people that I energetically match with helps me realise the power and energy that I hold and that I can share with the world. I had this quote in my Facebook bio for years, and I still swear by it: “we rise by lifting others”. I love connecting with people and bringing out the best versions of ourselves.

Creativity. Although it is an art that comes from the soul, can you tell me what inspires and helps you develop this skill?

Being in tune with myself always brings me into my most creative state. That’s why I love to constantly take the time to sit down with my thoughts and emotions and work on myself.
I generally go towards the things that make me feel something – be it good or bad, anything really – and I avoid people and situations that make me feel small. I’m way too selfish to not live my best life at this point. Trusting my intuition is my go to for being in tune with myself and keeping life creative.

What are some things you’d like to study or research?

Quantum physics and animals.

Your energy is literally top tier, how would you describe yourself and what is your self-care routine?

Thank you ❤ . I never know how to describe myself ahaha.

I think my actions will always describe me better than I can.

Routines? I think that the only self-care routine that I’ve been practicing lately is to always remember to have fun. Doing a lengthy annoying task? I can still have fun while doing it. It all comes down to the mindset, which luckily I can always change and adapt. So no matter what I do, I make sure I have fun.

– Valentina

We would love to know what a typical day is like for you.

No such thing as a typical day. Being a full-time content creator comes with sooo much freedom of scheduling my own time. I’m travelling a lot these days and the only two constant things from my life are running and making my peace a priority.

What did you study and how is helping you today in your work?

I studied Creative Business. I chose this particular course in the Netherlands because I wanted to travel while also getting a diploma. My uni schedule allowed me to travel every single week to a different city or country. I’ve met A BUNCH of amazing people which I still keep in touch and work with.

Photo credits: Ancira Adeon @anciraadeon

What is your next move?


Is there anything that you haven’t done that you’d like to do?

Music. From the top of my head to the bottom of my fucking toes, music.

What’s the difference between working on your own ideas and working to a precise brief?

Sometimes clients and brands are complicated for no reason and I’m not here to talk about it. But I’ve worked with some brands that matched my energy 100%. I just love it when working on a brief feels like working on myself.

Photo credits: Ancira Adeon @anciraadeon


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