The 14th edition of the most creative fashion week in the world, Feeric Fashion Week, will take place between July 20th and 24th in Sibiu/Transylvania/Romania and its surroundings.

Since 2008, Feeric Fashion Week has been a meeting point to explore new trends and an important national and international showcase for creatives of the fashion world. 

The 14th edition of Feeric Fashion Week brings, again, Sibiu among the world capitals of fashion. Designers from all over the world come to Sibiu between July 20 and 24 to present their latest collections in unconventional spaces in the city and in Sibiu County. 

The fashion shows started on yesterday, July 21, at 1 pm, with an unconventional show, in an atypical space, on the spiral that connects the first floor with the second floor of the Promenada Sibiu shopping center.

Ukrainian designer Irina Dzhus opened the 14th edition of Feeric Fashion Week with a fall / winter 2022 collection, produced exclusively using cruelty-free materials, according to the brand’s ethical values. A theme that, by the way, we will find throughout this year’s edition.

DZHUS is a conceptual clothing and accessories brand founded in 2010 by Ukrainian designer and stylist Irina Dzhus. Avant-garde yet utilitarian, DZHUS designs are internationally recognised by their innovative cut and multi-purpose transformations. Since Russia began its attack on Ukraine, Irina Dzhus had to flee her Homeland and found her refuge in Western Europe, travelling between Warsaw, Paris and Berlin. Meanwhile, Irina’shusband and business partner Anatolii Elgert has resumed DZHUS’ production in Kyiv. DZHUS Autumn/Winter 2022 collection refers to illusion as the fundamental notion of the metamodernism culture.

Duality and hidden senses are undividable from DZHUS design itself, offering numerous metamorphoses of clothing and accessories, and clothing into accessories.

The visual aesthetics of the looks is ironic and controversial within itself, hence, self-sufficient. In the Autumn/Winter line of unified wardrobe items, the designer’s fantasy went further than functional ‘bonuses’: duplicity is materialised literally, and the extra content is physically unveiled, as the pieces are transformed either when delaminated, or once their inside is extracted. The silhouettes are exaggeratedly structured, and the styles divide into two directions: abstract-escapist ‘cocoons’ versus markedly classic pieces, concealing potential for radical reincarnations. The collection is produced using cruelty-free materials only, according to DZHUS’ ethical values.

In the same space followed the presentation of the Borbala brand, where the designer used only upcycled and recycled materials, including melted plastic bags and then transformed into evening dresses, accessorized with plastic caps and shampoo boxes. All these surprising details try to draw attention to the problems caused by global pollution.

Will humans have a place in the new world defined by the consequences of our actions? Who is in fact endangered? The collection features many recycled and upcycled materials, such as melted plastic bags, recycled HDPE, reworked sportswear, and knitwear. Low-tech waterproof garments are one of the key items of the collection, referring to the dramatic consequences of climate change, that unfortunately many communities are already experiencing. The prints and accessories are inspired by different unicellular organisms playing with the utopian idea of new life forms rising from this chaos of the Anthropocene, and nature’s capability to always renew and evolve. The silhouettes are playful and feminine, some of them incorporating elements from maternity clothes, as a symbol of change and the chance of rebirth. The diy finishings, childish drawings are an open invitation for anyone to be part of the change. We can all be creative and contribute to a better future.

Alist Designers boutique returns to Feeric Fashion Week with a new selection of pieces by Romanian designers. The project initiated by Alist Magazine and supported by Bucharest Mall Vitan, continues to promote local creations, with over 50 names from the Romanian industry in the last two years. The presentation of the collection took place at 4 pm, on the pedestrian passage on Manejului Street.

The last presentation of the day took the audience and guests up the beautiful stairs of the Brukenthal Summer Palace in Avrig. Present for the fourth time at Feeric Fashion Week, the RAMELLE brand will present the Infinity collection at Avrig.

This year the brand celebrated 8 years of activity and Ramona Mihaela, the founder and designer behind the brand, created a significant collection for women. A collection with a sophisticated and minimalist design,
with symbols and architectural details transposed into feminine clothing creations.
INFINITY is about the magical journey of the woman, the harmony between the masculine and feminine energy, is about her endless inner power to create things, feelings, experiences. Nothing is lost, everything is transformed, into space and infinite time.

“We are at the 14th edition of Feeric Fashion Week, the journey so far is incredible. We have managed to bring Sibiu to a place of great honor on the European fashion scene, to become the most important fashion week in Eastern Europe and one of the most creative in the world, but things are really starting now, with this edition of transition that prepares a new path. Thus, we will add continuity to the project by approaching an educational segment and by involving the local community. We continue to offer designers the most suitable launching pad through the connections created over these 14 years around the world and we will try to turn Feeric Fashion Week into a huge global fashion hub. And we are proud to create everything in Sibiu”, says Mitichi, president of Feeric Fashion Week: www.feeric.ro  

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