Zlata Mechetina is a curator of the multidisciplinary @fetchish_net collective and currently completing an MA in Performance Practice and Design in Central Saint Martins, and Sonya Bleiph is a multidisciplinary artist specialising in Filmmaking, Set Design & Digital Media with background in Marketing and Human Biosciences. @jxsuperstar is their collaboration and a remake of the musical Jesus Christ Superstar but in the video game-style and from Judas’ perspective.

The movie taps into the topics of the New Dark Age, and the gamification of social and cultural processes. Its logic is constructed around the critical works on media theory by McKenzie Wark, including A Hacker Manifesto (2003) and Gamer Theory (2007) which criticise the commodification of information in the age of globalisation and neoliberalism.

“We are so excited to share some of the BTS from the production process of @jxsuperstar, a post-internet tale currently in development. The inspiration for the short film came from web culture infiltrating a biblical story. It is a remake of the musical “Jesus Christ Superstar” from the point of view of Judas and in the style of a video game; the gamification of contemporary art taking place in a cinematic form.  The film touches upon the themes of the New Dark Age and the gamification of social and cultural processes with its logic is built around Mackenzie Wark’s critical works of media theory, including The Hacker Manifesto (2003) and The Gamer’s Theory (2007), which criticize the commodification of information in the era of globalization and neoliberalism.  

Director & Curator: Zlata Mechetina @zzltm 

Producer & Artistic Director: Sonya Bleiph @bleiph

Make-up @shiakeup

Art Team: @pyaephyothantnyo @lacarmacita @mmmmmmllll1 @nnaccant @sophiakr__ @floriebleu

Camera Team: @benjoleggett – cameraman @robertshaw_oneword @meet_dave

Lighting: @atikah___zzz @joemorganhunt @conorlui

etsimated release in Autumn 2022 release;  @jxsuperstar updates

Polaroids by @adam_pietraszewski

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