Photography: Ead Gjergj @eadgj
Art Director: Noemi Vanda Bruni @noemivandabruni
Model: Izil @__izil__   Sophie Model  @sophie.models
Stylist: Ilaria Bianchi @ilr_bnch
Beauty Director: Ilaria Bianchi @ilr_bnch
Make Up+Hair Style: Elena Amedoro @amemakeup1
Set Stylist: Ilaria Bianchi @ilr_bnch
Post Production Team: Ilaria Bianchi @ilr_bnch
Assistants: Emma Nodari

Nowadays, thanks to virtual reality, it’s possible escape from daily life: throwing himself in another world, becoming the iconic character that we admire and living exciting new adventures.

It’s possible imagine any reality and escape into the most idyllic fantasies but still our minds are fatally conditioned by the catastrophic events we experience every day such as geopolitical wars, global pandemics and freak climate change.

The atmospheres won’t be coated andglossy like in the metaverse that we are used to see, but they will be dystopic: characterized by violence, decay and degradation.

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