Streetwear is a style of casual clothing which became global in the 1990s. It grew from New York hip hop fashion + Californian surf culture to encompass elements of sportswear, punk, skateboarding and Japanese street fashion. Caroline Baker is the antidote to high fashion. As the legendary fashion editor of Nova magazine in the 1960s, her style was quite literally cutting-edge (she famously chopped up clothes to achieve her desired looks), but nowadays there is a huge attention to a different street-style, more deep + more real, where branding has nothing to do with the style.


We will show you the other side of New York Fashion Week, as seen as through Simone Botte’s eyes, the creative director of SIMON CRACKER. We are used to Simone’s PUNKINDNESS. In a world where who shouts louder wins the truly disruptive elements today are authenticity and consciousness. During his trip to New York, Simone sent us few street-style highlights from New York Fashion Week.

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